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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

A waste

SWEATER GIRLS is a low budget high school sex comedy. It's short fairly well and I did like the characters and performances which are much better than I'd hoped for given the genre, but they're mired in a non-firing narrative structure which ends up boring the viewer rather than involving them. The setting is the 1950s and the popularity of GREASE might be the reason for that. A group of put-upon high school students find themselves chased endlessly by guys with one thing on their minds and they form the titular club. At this point the story doesn't really go anywhere and we're left with gratuitous nudity to fill up the rest of the running time.

Reviewed by jasmin-miettunen / 10

Played r*pe for laughs, multiple times

I have low standards. I watch all kinds of movies and sometimes I just watch things mindlessly. I have never reviewed a movie here, I usually don't care enough. But this one... Oh, this one. So, I guess this is literally one of the worst movies I have seen, and it wasn't even so bad it was funny. It was just bad. Most of it was fun fluff. At some point the guys got drunk and broke into a girls house. One of them attempted r*pe twice. He ripped off a girls clothes and chased her naked through the house when she escaped, and neither the guys or the girls really cared. The police came because a neighbour saw them break in and none of the girls gave away the guys. I'd understand being afraid to talk about s*xual assault in the fifties, in case she got blamed, but he broke in. They could've nailed him for that. But no. Ha ha, boys being boys, right? Another dude creeped on one of the victims who was changing, and later helped the other victim "out of her wet clothes" (she was pulled into a bathtub clothed) to creep on her. Then there was quick scene of him starting to kiss her when she said no and after a cut they were laying in bed together, Henry smoking a cigarette. So, full on r*pe it seems, but that one wasn't clear. Even talking her over into it is just coercion and not consent. Oh, also an older man tried to r*pe a teenage boy. The clips of the boy running through the streets at night, wearing just a towel, chased by the old man in a car were treated like little cutaway gags. That's right, at least three attempted r*pes in one 80 minute movie. I can't believe this is real. Even ignoring all that, there was no plot. Things happened, but nothing actually *happened*, nothing changed, nothing was solved, there was no character development for any of them. Just nothing. The attempted r*pist never got in any trouble. Pete was constantly treating one of his friends badly and cheated with that friends girlfriend and he never got his comeuppance. In the end it was implied he was going after said friends new girl. It bothered me irrationally that it was revealed the cop was Joella's father, and there was no interaction between them. Sure, it would've been fitting for him to see her having s*x after talking so much about what a lady his daughter was... Disregarding that, even if he just walked in the room when she was talking about architecture with Henry. Just an "oh, I didn't know you were staying with friends tonight". That could've solved the lack of an ending on the girl part, if he just said that he believes the girls had nothing to do with the prank, since they were friends with his little angel. The only one who could have had some character development was the "wh*re" who swore to wait until marriage and she was the one coerced into having s*x with the virgin. Oh, and that innocent boy that spent the night naked running from a rapist? The cop mistook him for someone else and put him in jail. What a mess.

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