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Reviewed by i-spookie 7 / 10 / 10


Just saw it and as much as I hated Karen Sillas in Stuff, I loved her in T11. Never expecting to actually even like the film, it has stayed with me - in a good way. Sillas is doing a great job as dysfunctional human being and all cudos to her. It is really worth the watch.

Reviewed by workoutsmurf 1 / 10 / 10


Wow.....um, yeah, I guess this "movie" can answer that question the "woke" crowd keeps asking. WHY aren't there more female writer/directors being nominated for awards? BECAUSE they keep churning out this type of GARBAGE. Before you wokies get all upset and spew "homophobia" I am a gay male, so forget it lol. The writing was HORRIBLE.....plot holes everywhere. I could not care less for any of the characters, they were all so unrelatable and arrogant. Acting was sub-par, pretty close to one of those children's plays you are forced to attend as a parent. Everything about this is riding on the fact it's about lesbians. WHO CARES....that should not be the only reason someone watches a film. I really hope more female writers/directors stop writing opinion piece movies, and movies that intentionally make an entire gender NOT want to watch. ALL AROUND, without spoilers, this film is a woke piece of garbage. EVERYTHING is bad, everything. Make sure you make a big bowl of popcorn, because if you decide to sit through this entire film, you will need somewhere to vomit into.

Reviewed by TheYemeni 1 / 10 / 10

When You Think Social Media Is Reality

You get a big fat fail. Make this movie again in a 1000 years time and people still won't be interested in this film.

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