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Melissa McCarthy as Lilly Maynard
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Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 8 / 10 / 10

A Surprisingly Enjoyable Comedy..

After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother. Tammy premiered Tonight on TV and just a few minutes ago i finished the movie and to be honest i liked it a lot. It does have the casual McCarthy humor i won't lie on that and for about 5 or 10 minutes the film was kinda terrible but i was surprised that it toned down the humor after a while, Melissa McCarthy does her usual stuff and she is fine but the film also touches a bit of Drama sometimes and i liked it a lot when it did that. Plus the 2 main leads McCarthy and Susan Sarandon do have a nice chemistry together, Kathy Bates is also really good, Mark Duplass brings levity to the movie and Dan Aykroyd is really funny. If i really had to choose between Tammy and the sh*tty Ghostbusters reboot i would choose this at least it's funny and even when it tries to be sad it succeeds plus the soundtrack is pretty cool. (8/10)

Reviewed by Jim Mullen Tate (TheFearmakers) 1 / 10 / 10


A movie with the title of the main character usually means that person is kind of… you know… unique and, um... special... Well in a matter of speaking, the latter fits TAMMY since it's a "labor of love" by star Melissa McCarthy, serving as a producer and co-writer along with her husband and the film's director, Ben Falcone. We begin with Tammy hitting a deer, the first similarity to Chris Farley's TOMMY BOY, and not the last: Both centering on a self-evasive, overweight slacker with a heart of gold, our husky heroine, TAMMY, revels in her problems, including a wrecked car, lost job, cheating husband and a comparably raw and restless grandmother… Enter Susan Sarandon, the reason TAMMY is being compared to the iconic feminist cult flick, THELMA & LOUISE... But be warned: this is not a road movie. After a quick highway montage, promising themselves an adventure full of cathartic mileage, Tammy and Sarandon's bluntly honest Pearl hit a snag after one night of drinking. At this point the movie repeats itself with saucy conversations about how Tammy needs a point in life, and Pearl needs less men, pills, alcohol. And so, as a loose cannon, Sarandon doesn't provide very much input or purpose. For an actress with her talent and long-lasting career, with the exception of a gray mop of a phony looking wig, she doesn't seem to be the age she's playing... Instead of trying to portray an old lady who tries to be young and gets away with it, but still suffering just a bit, deep down, she's just... Susan Sarandon. And McCarthy has little to offer as well, having, along with her husband, written a story so self-absorbed, it hardly seems catered to an audience at all. (More at CultFilmFreaks.com)

Reviewed by msulli-72433 1 / 10 / 10

What Genre is this?

Not funny, not scary, not dramatic, not puzzling and not terrifying. No wonder this went to TV so quickly. I'm glad I didn't pay to see this. I recorded it and I'm wondering, do I finish viewing? Moulin Rouge, is the only film I've walked out on. Maybe this is the second one. The computer says you have to submit 5 lines. OMG! How does one find enough to say about this non-event movie. Please tell me that I have got to 5 lines by now. Gee whizz! I must be funnier than this movie. Ha Ha!

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