Tanks for Stalin

Action / Adventure / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greg-goremykin 1 / 10 / 10

Pure Propaganda

How so one might ask? Just because something is entertaining, which in a way this was, if its greater purpose is as social programming then it's artistic value plummets to zero, and this is just the latest in a string of films just like this, illusions that Stalin wasn't just as evil as Hitler and just as responsible for starting the Second World War that killed tens of millions of his citizens (that, incidentally, in the alternate universe of this film genre, the CCCP won the war single-handedly, rather than the truth that they would have starved and froze to death clutching or drive weapons with no ammunition). These films today serve to puff up patriotic pride as a balm for the reality that the majority of Russians live at a lower economic level that they did during the Soviet Union, while a very few intelligence officers or frontmen for them got filthy rich from cheap, no-bid privatisation deals, just like Putin. The other reason these films are dangerous are their intentions to make Russians feel like that Russia herself is surrounded by enemies, etc., a enforced paranoia that has been used as a tool of manipulation since the time of the Czars. I could go on, but you get the picture, so don't get this one.

Reviewed by harryplinkett14 4 / 10 / 10

Fairy tale

The obsession with WWII in Russia and the stupendous quantities of war films and tv series that are in constant production, as if pumped out by some giant WWII factory in the Urals, has led to a trend of turning WWII narratives into fairy tales. The truth is not the object. At least, not in the sense of being factual. The 'truth' these films care about is that of Russian greatness, of Russian ingenuity, of Russian resilience and spirit of defiance, of Russian eternal role of defending herself, and the rest of the world from evil. In pursuit of depicting these truths, facts are not allowed to stand in the way. Narratives in these films seem as though they come from some ancient book of myths, and not from history books. Alas, one can only endure this kind f manipulation for so long. I am fed up with Russian myths. And frankly, I am beginning to wonder how many people in Russia are fed up, too.

Reviewed by messerus1 4 / 10 / 10

Wet dream of Uncle Joe...

"When comrade Stalin will lead us to the battle..." The ending song of this interesting movie, like many pre-war songs tells about upcoming enemy attack. The enemy is of course everywere. Outside as shows this movie inside. After years of terrorising own people, after many, many uprisings against soviets, against destroying agriculture, against hunger, after milions of killed, overpowered by hunger, sent to "work" camps, Soviet Union has still many enemies inside the country. The rally of this two tanks took place in March 1940. The country was finally paralyzed by arrests which almost over exactly a year ago. The Great Purge or Great Terror. Stalin not only cut off some officers from the army (not as much and not as proffesional as it is usually believed) but also ordered to kill or imprison many other people. Without few milion citizens killed and about ten milions imprisoned, the country ruled by terror, worked exactly as Gardener of Human Happiness wanted. So there is spring of 1940. Meantime Russia signed cordial pact with Hitler, invaded Poland, Finland, in few months anected Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and part of Romania. But why i am writing all of this... In this movie like in mind of comrade Stalin and in questions of interrogators the country is full of traitors, agents, insurgents and bandits. In fact, almost nothing from this movie did not take place in this journey. Soviet Union was Terra Incognita for enemy inteligence. Germans met T-34 and other soviet tanks when they started kicking them like a mad horse. So... The movie. Few lines from technical history of russian weapon and a not bad movie for young people, which want to believe that "history" of their country was great. Sounds familiar?

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