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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjsreg 2 / 10 / 10

The worst film I have seen all year - nope - decade

This really is the most atrocious film I have seen for years. Pick anything about cinema or film making and this is a perfect example of how not to do it. There is acting - just very bad acting. There is a picture - which was probably produced by someone who has never seen one before - certainly not a moving one. There is noise of sorts - most likely produced by recording on to a tin of baked beans - which were subsequently eaten and regurgitated for sound effects. The lighting is terrible, the 'special effects' are the worst I have ever seen, the scenery came straight from a supermarket and they left the packaging on. The lsit goes on and on. This is either a zero because it really is that bad, or it is a 10 for managing to get released in any form - a master-stroke of double bluff. You will be disappointed if you watch this film. But once you start you really do have to watch it to the end just to make sure you haven't gone mad. I only gave it two starts because Danae Swinburne is mega cute and gets her kit off.

Reviewed by comblitz 6 / 10 / 10

First THREE minutes - Shut It Off

This is so bad, it's not even worth joking about. Lady runs out of house in panic 2 guys chase her in monk clothing 2 guys catch up to her and she becomes like Bruce Lee and takes them down (why did she run in the first place with such fear on her face if she had those mad skills?) So obvious the punches and kicks weren't landing, maybe the director saw movies like this where we believe they were being hit and thought it was easy to replicate. She starts chanting. A ridiculous cheap prop of a black unicorn comes out and stabs her with her horn in a very obvious "on the side"fake out. I am done. I AM WRONG if this scene turns out to be some professor in college showing the class how not to make a movie, but I think this was actually an attempt to have a compelling introduction. I think there should be some child labor investigation because this seems to be made by a bunch of kids in 2nd grade.

Reviewed by chaingun-18185 6 / 10 / 10

"Klaatu Barada Necktie!"

First things first: yes, it is a trash movie. yes, mr raimi could probably sue them for blatant stealing. but no, it is not as horrible as the ratings suggest. if you don't get over the first 5 minutes, you can turn it off. it doesn't get any 'better' throughout the whole playtime. if you're like, hey,that's a nice start - you are highly recommended to sit through it. there are indeed many plot holes and scenes one wonders what their point is. it still is a quite entertaining flick for all lovers for tongue-in-cheek horror movies. when have you ever - except in the 'cabin in the woods' - seen a killing unicorn? or a fur carpet that turns into a portal to the heck knows where? it also has a unique rap battle between an obese demon and our protagonist. the soundtrack, as a whole, is, with minor exceptions, pretty well chosen the only thing that might disappoint is the mask of said unicorn. but as soon as you tell yourself it's supposed to be a mask for a possessed entity, you're good. one final recommendation: don't watch it sober!

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