Tekken: Blood Vengeance

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Cristina Valenzuela as Yuko Tani
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Motoko Kusanagi
Patrick Seitz as Don Underwear
Tara Platt as Lacey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CommeVousNousEtions 2 / 10 / 10

Possibly just for the tekken fans.... If even.....

From the point of view of someone who has only come across the game fleetingly in the past and not really cared whether the film turned out bad or good either way, other than for my own entertainment value I suppose, It has to be said that I found this film woefully wanting. I can only assume that tekken fans liked this simply because of the 15-20 fight scene at the end and from what I've learned it sticks close to the story of the game. To be honest, it was awful, i thought this was going to be an action film but it turned into a bore snoozefest pretty quickly. OK, a number of problems 1). What exactly do they think an untrained teenage girl can do for them? Oh yes, and lets throw a knife at her head at point blank range for the fun of it. She should be dead, film over. 2). She's asked to find out what she can?, I swear, this is the worst reason for getting someone to do anything. What does this mean, find out that he is gay or straight?, find out where he lives? find out what he eats for dinner? Find out what they presumably already know, that he is an 'immortal person'? Moving on. 3). Look everyone, An immortal kid is jumping off a building. Now everyone already knows what he is, so, eh, i feel embarrassed pointing this out because it's so stupid, but, Jin, jin's father and grandfather, he's over there, get him, film over. 4).Between 30-45 mins of teenage girls whining, enough said, moving on. 5). Why was there some guy in the shower with shin????? Quickly moving on 6). How does shin know that the two girls are agents? 7). Robot grows feelings... Enough said, moving on 8). Weirdo teacher just happens to find them in the woods, creeper or what? 9). Shin is immortal but dies in two seconds, film over, oh wait. 10). they killed off the main character this film was revolving around and then dumped him like a rag doll, just, what??? 11). Cheesy 15 minute fight scene for tekken lovers, the only redeeming factor I would think for many. 12). Cheesy fight scene has typical good guy gets ass whupped for a few minutes before remembering that he can fight and starts ass whupping the bad guys. 13). Let me just fly around aimlessly here for a while dodging the giants arms swinging just to give the studio more time for this completely pointless fight scene before I remember I have this giant laser that's all bad ass and cool and will rip my enemies to pieces. 14). So why was heihachi in hiding.... 15). Why was shin so sure he could lure heihachi out of hiding? 16). Why didn't someone just kidnap him one day as he went to school. Would have saved us this complete dross. 17). Typical Japanese moral at the end about humans fighting, blah blah. 18). 'I know you'll come for me some day, I'll be waiting', This line was just as bad as batman's 'I know there's good in you', Completely pointless and you're left wondering what the character is seeing that the audience can't. Anyway, absolutely awful, couldn't believe how bad this was.

Reviewed by Mazy Sharif 5 / 10 / 10

Kind of disappointing.

I agree with some bits of swing kid's review. However I do think it's fine if they used Xiouyu has a main person. Elisa is only a main kind of character in Tekken 6. I was hoping to see other characters such as Law and Hworang and even Asuka. They are way more important. Even Anna wasn't that much of a deal. Lee was only there in a humorous role although I wouldn't really have expected him in such a role. I've liked Lee in the games ,mainly Tekken 5 so that's okay. I decided to watch the English version so I would understand better. Big mistake. The voice acting is ridiculous. I'm going to watch bits or so of the Japanese version so I can get over how bad the English dubbing is. I wouldn't mind Namco trying again but seeing all the main characters of the game would be interesting. 3 stars for Kazuya, Jin, Heihachi, Xiouyu, Lee, Nina and Panda. Excuse the spelling.

Reviewed by ultimitsu 5 / 10 / 10

Really wanted to love this movie...

After 13 years of playing the game, after seeing how namco stated they would do a proper movie to redeem themselves for letting that disappointing live-action movie to be made, I had high hopes for this animated movie. It is every tekken fan's dream for there to be a true masterpiece of a movie. Unfortunately, it did not happen. this movie turned out to be yet another mediocre attempt. Better than the live action for sure, but still fall way short of what was expected of it. First problem is the general directing and "acting", too much pretentious "I am cool" crap, mostly from Anna, Nina, Jin and Shin, yuck! if tekken was aimed at 15 years olds then I would understand, but most long time tekken fans are now in their mid twenties to mid thirties. these high school wannabe facial and body expressions simply come off superfacial and repulsive. Second problem is voice acting. I watched the English version, after the 3rd line of the whole movie, where Nina and Anna exchange greetings, I was like "oh boy..". The voice acting is closer to a cheap DVD localised release of anime series than a mainstream feature animated film. it was as if voice actors had no proper direction or had not understood their characters, several characters come off as cheese and pretentious. since it's just like their acting, maybe it was intended after all. third and the biggest disappointment of this movie is the way the final battle had taken powers so out of proportion, almost as if we have moved from Tekken universe into Dragon Ball Z universe. this sort of elevation is not a problem if the movie did not have tekken in its roots. the whole point of tekken is balanced fighting power between its characters that makes a fight possible. Turning it into a plasma canon feast completely destroys the fundamental dynamic between the characters. and in the end one super Saiyan characters seemingly seriously but obviously jokingly tells a teenage girl, "some day you will defeat me" . Having said all this, Blood Vengeance is not without merits. I really enjoyed its animination in general, Ling has a difference face in every tekken game she appeared but she looked the best in this one, yet still maintains a very oriental look. some perverted shots from below hers and Allisa's short skirt were amusing. Music and sound effects are top quality. Lee's comical presences was great, it was a pity that they did not handle Anna and Nina in a similar less-serious more-fun approach. All in all, Tekken fans will see it regardless what people say, non fans will find plot somewhat puzzling and over movie lacklustre, but semi- decent entertainment nevertheless.

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