The 60 Yard Line

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Michael Patrick McGill as Detective Powell
Mindy Sterling as Hazel
Randall Park as Wallace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gianni St Angelo 7 / 10 / 10

A fun look at Packer fandom with a few love stories...

This was an entertaining, albeit predictable, story about living in the shadows of Lambeau Field. Ben loves Amy. Ben loves the Packers. He is forced to choose. He grows up. My biggest complaint is that Ben is supposed to be a huge Packer Know-it-ALL. But, at one point he claims the Packers have won 11 World Championships. The movie was set in 2009. As of that season, the Green Bay Packers were 12-time World Champions. Of course, Green Bay won another championship after the 2010 season, bringing their total to 13. And, one last thing: The Bears Still Suck.

Reviewed by bullhead-64427 / 10

Date Night.... if your bf is a Packers Geek

Ryan Churchill basically produced this film on a small budget, much like Sherwood Films did with Facing the Giants. I do think he hit a niche market among Packers' fans and the DVD sales will be big as most under 40 Green Bay fans will "have to have" this movie. As for plot and humor, it's much like a 100 other movies you've seen with guys being guys, everybody drinking, some crude sex references, your one allotted PG13 F-Bomb, etc. Some former and current Packers players do make cameos in the film, as does Chuck Liddell, I'm guessing their time was donated. Lot of stock footage of Packers fans stating why they are Green Bay fans. So, there you have it. I didn't feel terrible about spending 20 bucks on it, had a few laughs, shook my head at other moments. No Academy Award for Churchill now, or ever for that matter. But pretty sure he has a one hit wonder to rest upon if he wisely chooses to do so. Reasonably enjoyable movie. :)

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