The Adjuster


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Elias Koteas as Eddie
Gabrielle Rose as Betty
Maury Chaykin as Cliff Klamath
Raoul Trujillo as Peter Drak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Doc-134 10 / 10 / 10

How can you place a dollar value on human suffering?

Atom Egoyan is an absolute genius, but I find it somewhat difficult to discuss his films as they are so complex. He seems to make the kinds of movies where you walk out of the theater after it's over and all the parts are clear in your head, but you can't quite piece them all together. But you can't help but try. Sooner or later, everything falls into place, and sometimes it doesn't. Either way, Egoyan makes you really think about a lot of issues. "The Adjuster" is about an insurance adjuster who helps victims of house fires get money from insurance companies. There is a really great parallel drawn between the adjuster, Noah, and Robin Hood. He quite frequently shoots arrows with his bow at a billboard sign that says "Sherwood Forest". He is essentially taking money from the rich insurance companies and giving it to the poor victims of fires. We also have Noah's voyeuristic wife Hara, who is a film censor for porn flicks. She films what they censor with a video camera so that her sister can see what she does, as she has always shared everything with her sister. There is an extreme sense of bareness of the characters lives in the film. This is reinforced by the vast, open, almost desert landscape around the suburb. They own the only house in this particular suburb, and it is in fact a model house. Even the books on the bookshelf inside are fake. All this seems to reinforce the lives that the characters live. This is a definite achievement from a cutting edge director.

Reviewed by kergillian 9 / 10 / 10

A gem, as always, from Egoyan.

The one thing I can always count on from Atom Egoyan is an interesting film. This is a brilliant, and very dark, comedy with a sensationally twisted plot, fabulous cast, and great cinematography. Egoyan's use of light is excellent, as is the wonderful setting and scenery. This film is so imaginative that it's beyond a story told on the screen...visual poetry. And the frightening thing is that as good as this film is, it's not even his best effort. The pace was a bit slow at times, and at times the plot seemed to stagger a bit. His film-making was much sharper in Exotica, which is my personal favourite. But the plot is so well devised (odd and twisted, and full of intricate details that are hard to really absorb the first time through) that it makes up for any lack of quality. Elias Koteas is really good in this; his best role save perhaps Fallen, and he outshines Arsinee Khanjian who didn't quite feel up to par. My favourite role in the film, however, was a fabulous performance by Maury Chaykin as an unbalanced former football player. The gasoline scene is the best in the film, and Chaykin's expression and lines are priceless. As well, look for Don McKellar's excellent, though unfortunately small role, as Tyler (the rookie censor). He's absolutely hilarious, and his delivery of dialogue is nothing short of brilliant. All i all, it's not Egoyan's best effort, which means it still stands above most films. A really good quality indie-film, with a *very* original plot, quirky and memorable characters, and a strong cast. An easy 8/10.

Reviewed by bob_meg 9 / 10 / 10

Egoyan's most disturbing, challenging film rewards repeat viewings

I first became a fan of Atom Egoyan's work with Exotica, continued with The Sweet Hereafter, and then was completely hooked when I stumbled upon The Adjuster about ten years ago. I bought the DVD (I was so taken with it) and then just watched it for the second time tonight. The Adjuster is possibly the most hypnotic and captivating of all of Egoyan's films (if you can get past the over-the-top bizarre factor) simply because you literally need to get to the end of the film to really put it together. And while that was true of other films, particularly Exotica, The Adjuster is a bit more rewarding simply because the themes and undercurrents of the film are so subtle. As with all of this Armenian-Canadian filmmaker's works, it draws its magic out slowly, until it literally has you mesmerized. It centers around an almost martyr-like insurance adjuster (played with brilliant cryptic understatement by Elias Koteas) who appears to be in an almost cardboard cut-out of an existence. He lives with his semi-estranged wife (Arsinee Khanjian) in an ersatz model home whose interiors are half fake, her sister and a small boy. His time is consumed making calls on victims of fires, all of whom he places at a typical multi-colored door motel, spouting canned bits of comfort and wisdom to them as their claims continue unpaid for an extremely long period of time. Koteas' character seems obsessed with making time stand still, in a way, and it's only revealed at the end the root of his fragile madness. The real standout performance (and piece of character writing) is in the always great Maury Chaykin's character. Now, I never got that he was an ex football player, and never really believed his name was Bubba, but I guess that's plausible. I merely thought he was another obsessive, taken to the extreme by extreme wealth and boredom. He's the true nightmare version of Koteas' character. Just the mere device of Chaykin and his wife tooling around in their chauffeured Lincoln or whiling away time at their huge mansion, always in search of some illusory delusion of normalcy and happiness was enough to hook me into this. Chaykin's absorption into this character is fascinating to watch. The crux of the movie's themes are all over an outstanding monologue he delivers while posing as a location scout for a movie company. It's all there and rendered indelibly by him. Fabulous actor....just fabulous. There's a whole other subplot with Khanjian, her sister, and fellow censor Don McKellar that mirrors much of the movie's central theme. It adds to the richness of the jigsaw but doesn't hold a candle to when Koteas and Chaykin are on screen. As for those who wonder where the plot is --- well, films like this are more thematic and character driven, so you may want to pass on this one if you require a story and get angry when films don't deliver that. For those searching for more, trust'll find it, and then some.

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