The After Party

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Amin Joseph as Marvelous
Blair Underwood as Narrator
Eddie Huang as Eddie Huang
Shelley Hennig as Alicia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by angelovarg 7 / 10 / 10

Give it a try

I was up at 3 am and decided to put a movie on to fall asleep to this popped up and was actuallly really good is it gonna win a golden globe no but it was funny and I deff enjoyed it

Reviewed by saliaga08 7 / 10 / 10


I think people critique this film way too hard for what it was. Maybe they were expecting the next 8 mile? It was more party x meets sex drive and totally worth the watch. Kyles acting was actually really good and I would love to see him in other movies. Give it a chance; haters gonna hate.

Reviewed by drsworm 7 / 10 / 10

Better than expected, seriously...

Seizures aren't a joke? News flash: the entire world is a joke. Get off of your artificial high horse and call this for what it is. A running gag the internet 100% would have had a field day with had this really happened. So just shut up. You're not earning brownie points for pretending to care... ANYWAY. The acting by Kyle was genuine, believable, and honestly pretty damn solid. Verses were solid too. Nothing incredibly groundbreaking, but well-delivered and more than worth hearing. Movie seemed choppy as a whole and there were some loose ends that just kind of faded away, but they weren't going for an Oscar here, folks. A few awkward moments/acting were a bit cringeworthy (even said so in the script), but overall a decent film with some epic cameos. If you have a free hour and a half to spend, there are MUCH worse ways. Wouldn't mind seeing Kyle take on some more roles.

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