The Bad Seed

Drama / Horror / Thriller

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August 26, 2020



Cara Buono as Christina Painter
Lorne Cardinal as Sheriff Stannard
Patty McCormack as Rhoda Penmark
Rob Lowe as Billy Hicks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 5 / 10 / 10

Well, it started out good.

It had a good start. But then it turned into a lousy lifetime movie. Watch the 1956 original instead! It had so much more depth and feeling. This one started out with some depth but got shallower and shallower. Soon enough it was like you are watching a puddle. I couldn't wait for it to end. It was really an unpleasant movie to watch. The entire time, I mentally compared it to the original and wished I was watching that one instead. Emma and the acting wasn't too bad. But the dramatic scenes of Chloe in the garage just didn't match the horror of Henry Jones. The distraught mother in 1956 held a lot more emotion. The best part was when Patty McCormack said her couple of gem lines. The ending was a little different but nothing to wow you. If given a choice watch the original.

Reviewed by tle_mgr 1 / 10 / 10

Slightly different than the original

But when isn't it? Everyone played their roles, albeit with some changes than the original. The little girl was spot on, had this been done about ten years earlier, the girl who played in "The Orphan" would have been perfect also. I nearly spat my drink out when the psychiatrist, who played the original 1956 little girl, to her father that she was okay and was EXACTLY like her, when she was her age. LOL Lowe decided to go a different direction at the end, but all in all, the movies wasn't bad and the girl was just as evil and crafty as the original. I only now learned there was 1985 version, but will probably see that another time.

Reviewed by hsimpleton 1 / 10 / 10

More like "The Snot-Nosed Brat"...

I just finished watching this 2018 remake of the 1956 classic, and I am so disappointed. Why mess with/up perfection with nonsense? Right from the beginning you can see that Emma/Rhoda is in control of her weak-minded widowed father. Hr caters to her every whim, and turns a blind eye to her blatant faults. When she starts killing (beginning with the cat, then moving on to her classmate, the headmistress, then her nanny) I was expecting the Dad to get a clue? Like IMMEDIATELY. Especially when he is TOLD by the headmistress that his precious Emma was with the dead boy right before he died? And what about when he finds out that she has that dead kid's medal after all? After she told him and the kid's parent's that she was NOT with him? And her Dad saw that the hornet's nest was missing after being told that the headmistress DIED FROM ONE IN HER CAR??????? Really? Then he thinks he can just go lay down and catch a couple of winks , LOLOLOL!!!!! JUST. DUMB. Oh, and don't get me started on the "Nanny", okayyyy??? I mean, how she gon' let that 9-yr old psycho get the drop on her like that when she KNEW WHO/WHAT she was dealing with, as well as what she (Emma) was capable of....Unbelievable....And of course she (Emma) gets away with being a Murderous Mega Brat, instead of being exposed by hidden camera footage (that the Dad could have had installed w/o her knowing) or something....JS Welp, all in all, it was a dud remake, and all of the adults in the film were a joke, so BOO. HISS. throw them ALL away! Don't waste your time, watch the original and see what REALLY should happen to future serial killers like her.

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