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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

Old-fashioned British rom com

THE BARGEE is a warm-hearted and likeable British romantic comedy; the fact that I enjoyed it speaks volumes, given that I tend to avoid this genre of film at all costs. Harry H. Corbett, in a performance which feels like a dry run for his most famous role, plays the titular character, a canal-boat Casanova who spends his time romancing the pretty girls living as lock keeper's daughters and the like along the canals he plies his trade. Corbett is excellent here, as he usually was, and given fine comedy support from a young Ronnie Barker in a star-making turn. The film is episodic, which is no bad thing, and has an old-fashioned charm in its depiction of Britain's waterways and behaviours that have long since vanished. The cast is very good indeed, the highlight being Hugh Griffith as the intolerant lock keeper.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10 / 10

Out of its depth

A script by Galton & Simpson the creators of the seminal Steptoe & Son. Featuring Harry H Corbett, one of the stars of that sitcom. Add some lovely shots of barges and canals, examine a vanishing way of life that is commercial transport by canal. It should be a sure fire hit but the tepid story is a miss. Like many movies emerging from that time period it has a bawdy outlook. Corbett plays Hemel, the bargee with a girl waiting for him at each canal stop. He loves them and leaves them sometimes faster if the M word is used. M stands for marriage. Ronnie Barker plays his amiable but dim colleague. Eric Sykes plays an improbable posh sailor who is incompetent with boats and who is always getting in Hemel's way. Trouble starts for Hemel when one of his nubile conquests falls pregnant and her father demands to know the name of the father. There really is not much of a story, it feels episodic and comes across as a bad Carry On film. At least Barker is memorable, he would find fame working with another Corbett.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 4 / 10 / 10

Oh My Gawd

Firstly in answer to one reviewers comment I was around at the time but did not go to see this money.I knew a clinker.A viewing 50 years on confirms my judgment.This rather like Steptoe and Barge.Extremely disappointing script and a rather unfunny Corbett do little to help.However what really makes it a pain to sit through is the tedious and unfunny standoff at the lock between Hugh Griffiths and the waterway officials..I am assuming it was meant to be funny and not dramatic.Eric Sykes is truly awful as a upper class boat owner.Spotting the support actors is about the only way of passing a rather tedious affair.

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