The Battle of Culloden


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tina Willis 9 / 10 / 10

Timelss and Brilliant

This movie, a bit over an hour long, was made like todays documentary with re-enactment style and a narrator. Although that style is very popular today, it was ground breaking back in 1964 when this black and white film was made. This style was the perfect and only way this film could of withstood these 50+ years it's been since it's creation. I have to assume that the budget for this was bare bones, and that although there were not the actual numbers of men shown on camera that existed on the original battlefield,(13,000) there appeared, numerous characters, obviously not professional actors. Yet the poor acting almost lends to the pitiful occasion, that the Battle of Culloden turned out to be. Once the battle started, the acting was unneeded as you were drawn into the sights, sounds and magnitude of close quarter warfare. Keeping in mind the limited resources on all levels and at a time when special affects were not available, the tone set by the director and the Camera use was absolutely BRILLIANT. Use of mostly tight frames gives us a personal interview feel. With the long shots, admittedly, it is up to the viewer to use the imagination and add the thousands of soldiers that were the reality of that day. Still....the smoke, the real cannon fire, the bag pipes, the screams of men and the chaos was realistically shown and felt. The aftermath of this battle and how individuals were affected brings a very personal touch that is the sympathetic tone of this movie. I highly recommend this film.

Reviewed by stevekaczynski 10 / 10 / 10

Low-budget masterpiece

Outstanding film. I first saw it on US television in the 1970s, PBS, I think. Reputedly the British did not show it on TV after its initial showing in the 1960s for about three decades. The subject matter was perhaps controversial. The Jacobite side is not presented in a romantic White Heather Club fashion - most of the leadership are depicted as inept and the figurehead of their aspirations speaks with a heavy French accent (I do not know if this was true of the historical Prince Charlie). They are up against a British government army defending the Hanoverian dynasty, an army brutal but efficient (its soldiers are not going hungry, unlike their Jacobite opponents). An international conflict in fact, with Scots on both sides, a French-tinted Jacobite prince, Irish troops in French service and an officer in the British Army, perhaps meant to be from Hanover, who makes a mocking comment in German that "they are throwing stones at us", as Highlanders on their right flank, unlike their left, fail to get to close quarters. And all this in a field near Inverness. Sometimes it was painfully obvious that there were very few extras, but Watkins did far better with his very limited resources than many directors with far bigger budgets and an army of extras have done.

Reviewed by goreilly40 10 / 10 / 10

Very disturbing but a no pulled punches and honest portrayal.

One of the most controversial events in Britain's history, the last land battle ever fought in Britain and its tragic aftermath which effectively wiped out an entire way of life forever. This documentary showed what the battle of Culloden really was, a complete mismatch, on one side, you had battle hardened well equipped professional soldiers armed with all the latest weaponry and on the other, you had what can only be described as ill equipped poorly organised, exhausted hungry warriors who were in no fit state to fight as a result of a failed night attack. The battle itself was a bloodstained massacre, for every one government soldier killed, 24 clansman lay dead on the poorly chosen moor. But that was only the beginning, after the battle the government forces carried out the pacification of the highlands. In reality it had more in common with the final solution, houses were burned, livestock and lands confiscated, the highlanders found their way of life was effectively outlawed, their language, their tartan and their music were banned. The documentary doesn't in any way try to sugar coat the events of that summer, it simply shows what happened. The acting is very disturbingly accurate, particularly those of the Scottish soldiers who fought for the government forces and the battle scene itself is one of the more realistic ones I've seen and those participating did look generally scared during the filming. The costumes couldn't be faulted and the cast was excellent. It also raises the point that this was not Scotland vs England as more Scots were on the side of the government forces than the rebels, and it was mainly Scottish soldiers who carried out Cumberland's orders in the aftermath as an English soldier remarked, "The lowlander Scots hate the highlanders more than we do." This is a must see not just for movie fans but for history lovers and those interested in this time period.

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