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Ava Gardner as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artemis_5 6 / 10 / 10

Decent Telling of the Book of Genesis (Spoiler for those who do not know the Bible)

"La Bibbia" or "The Bible" is director John Huston's attempt to bring the stories of the book of Genesis to life. His movie, while not compelling, is interesting and holds the viewers attention. Many big names, including Huston himself, are featured. The movie begins where the bible begins, with the creation of the world. Michael Parks and Ulla Bergryd exude child-like innocence as Adam and Eve. After their fall and banishment from Eden, they are cursed by God to suffer for their disobedience, although it quickly becomes clear that they have not been abandoned by him. They have children, Cain and Abel. Richard Harris and Franco Nero play the famous brothers (they would go on to play best friends a year later in "Camelot"), although it is Harris who steals the scene by quickly dispatching his brother. Stephen Boyd brings his signature good looks and booming voice to the role of Nimrod, although the story of the building of the Tower of Babel is fairly short, and Boyd's role limited. By far the most charming part of the film features Huston as Noah. Huston brings humor to his role, and the segment is a delight for any animal lover. The movie concludes suitably with the story of Abraham and Sarah, the biblical patriarch and matriarch of the nation of Israel, although there is a detour to cover the story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah by the Angel of God. The legendary figures of Abraham and Sarah are played appropriately enough by two legendary actors, George C. Scott and Ava Gardner. Of the two, Scott offers the more compelling performance, although Gardner holds her own. They are visited by Peter O'Toole, whose appearance in the film is more along the lines of a cameo. An honorable mention must go out to little Alberto Lucantoni, who injects feeling into his role as Isaac, particularly in the last scene of the sacrifice. This is quite a feat for a child actor. In conclusion, although this is not the best biblical film I have seen, it is by far not the worse, and worth at least a rental from your local video store.

Reviewed by kayaker36 4 / 10 / 10

A Few Gems Amid the Burlap

Just a year after his triumph in "Becket", Peter O'Toole is almost unrecognizable but does high class work as the Angel of the Lord--he's **trium in uno**--opposite Abraham and Sarah as portrayed by Ava Gardner and George C. Scott. These two great but very different actors play wonderfully off one another--Scott's earthy energy against the elegant tones and sorrowful eyes of O'Toole--who is on his way to destroy the sin cities of Sodom and Gommorah with all their inhabitants. The other fine portrayal is of Nimrod, "a mighty hunter before the Lord", by the late actor Steven Boyd. In a single, four minutes scene he captures all the kingly hubris of this biblical figure-- the first in the book of Genesis who does not represent a nation. He who built the Tower of Babel, and saw it destroyed. Children would be entertained by the carnival of the animals sequence depicting Noah and the Ark.

Reviewed by borromeot 4 / 10 / 10

That unmistakable smell of money

John Huston directed it and played Noah, yep. John Huston you know, the director of The Treasure Of Sierra Madre and The Maltese Falcon and his atheism shouldn't be an excuse for the embarrassment of The Bible...In the Beginning. Pier Paolo Pasolini was a Marxist, atheist, homosexual who made one of the greatest religious films of all time with The Gospel According To St Matthew. No, here, I suspect, the mastermind behind this super production is Dino De Laurentiis, the producer, the first name in the opening titles. Huge. Famous for very expensive movies with dubious results and intentions. Fortunately this - Highlights from Genesis and beyond - have a narration trying to explain the inexplicable. De Laurentiis believed in a cast of big names - like Harvey Weinstein - yes that's the laziest way to put together a production. Michael Parks is a beautiful 1960's Adam and so is Ulla Bergryd, his Eve. Richard Harris is Cain and Franco Nero Abel, George C Scott is Abraham, Ava Gardner, Sarah. and the film is now nearly forgotten. Pasolini used an unknown in the lead of his Gospel According to St Matthew, Enrique Irazoqui as Jesus and it became a classic. Commercial operations are one thing, great movies quite another.

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