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Reviewed by jnunes-1 9 / 10 / 10

Overlooked classic

I've watched this many times, and feel that this ranks with the best work of Christopher Guest. Kevin Bacon is outstanding as the idealistic young director Nick Chapman, who falls prey to the jaded Hollywood lifestyle - long before he can afford it personally or financially. Martin Short's role as Nick's agent is hilarious, and other good performances are turned in by Jennifer Jason Leigh, Terri Hatcher, and many others. This is Spinal Tap for the film industry, and well worth a look.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10 / 10

non-improvisational Christopher Guest

Film student Nick Chapman (Kevin Bacon) is nominated for an award at the National Film Institute. He's competing against the wacky Lydia Johnson (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and spoiled arrogant Jonathan Tristan-Bennet (Dan Schneider). After his win, he has big dreams but Hollywood is more than his naive expectations. There's studio head Allen Habel (J.T. Walsh), his wife Polo Habel (Fran Drescher), and his mistress Gretchen (Teri Hatcher). Allen starts changing Nick's movie. He's infatuated with Gretchen. He dumps his girlfriend Susan Rawlings and old friends like Emmet Sumner (Michael McKean). Martin Short's bad hair really threw me off for a second. It suggests a broader, sillier comedy than I expected. Luckily, it doesn't go that way but this is not at the later Christopher Guest level. It takes all the standard Hollywood behind the scenes and puts it on the screen. It's quirky but no big laughs. It hits the nails on the head. Nick is not much in terms of rooting interest. This is early in the inside Hollywood satires. It could be darker. The girlfriend role needs a better actress. The most compelling character is actually Lydia who reconnects with the movie for a short while in the last third. The movie gets a lot better with her energy. It would help if his movie idea doesn't look so utterly self-congratulatory art-house. Overall, this is a nice lesser known Christopher Guest film.

Reviewed by akafilms 7 / 10 / 10

A fun look at the film business

If you are thinking about being a filmmaker, you need to see this. It has so many real world aspects that are Hollywood. Christopher Guest does a great job on his first feature. The funniest part is Martin Short as the goofy agent. I wish I'd seen this before I got involved in the business. I would have been prepared. It holds up well considering it is 28 yrs old. The script structure is very commercial in that everything moves as it should and we all live happily ever after. Terry Hatcher is quintessential as an actress out for herself and her next role. I think my favorite line is "I fought for you". Kevin says this to his DP when in fact he didn't fight for him. This has happened to me in real life.

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