The Big Picture

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Branka Katic as Xenia
Catherine Deneuve as Fabienne Dangeville
Niels Arestrup as César Luciani
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by armandcbris 9 / 10 / 10

One of TIFF 2010's best!

I saw this film at the 2010 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, and it was a pleasant surprise. Great performances, tightly directed, and a very compelling storyline, in addition to a being beautifully shot and using some great Magnum Photos in the film as part of the main character's unexpected shift into a new world and a new life. Based on the American writer Douglas Kennedy's acclaimed book of the same name, but changed to a Euro setting, director Eric Lartigau easily shows how European filmmakers can take the themes of murder, obsession and identity to new artistic heights, while also giving us one of the best thrillers of 2010. It's a thriller as cinematic art as only the Europeans can do. The film might not have gotten as much attention as other films at TIFF 2010, but it definitely should. I truly hope it gets a wider release here in Canada and elsewhere. Seek it out. Decidedly worthwhile.

Reviewed by buddybickford 7 / 10 / 10

Is a Rolex with no strap still a Great watch?

I ask this because if a film has no end is it still a good film?. I found it a complete and utter bail out, and will not agree with any excuses such as 'it didn't need an end' or 'we all understood what happens next'. This was all the more frustrating as the movie was really good, when it ended I thought I had sat on the remote control, but it ended I was astonished and felt cheated. Another thing that is absurd, is why did he take the dead mans identity? it was so obvious that it would lead to the issues he faced, anyone could have foreseen that, and for a Lawyer (or a chimpanzee) not to have had this foresight was simply inconceivable. Anyway apart from these huge issues it was entertaining for 2 thirds of the movie namely the beginning and the middle the last 3rd the ending just didn't exist. Still worth watching though.

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 7 / 10 / 10

On the nature of identity

Eric Lartigau's film, 'The Big Picture', begins as a thriller, but ends more as an existential meditation on life (the literal translation of its French title, 'The Man Who Wanted to Live his Life', is much more apt than its dull replacement). A man ends up living, first in the shoes of another man, and ultimately as an anonymous nobody: he initial decision to give up his identity is a choice, albeit in straightened circumstances, but its consequences have to be experienced to be understood. The initial portion of the film has the feel of a thriller and does not seem especially well-acted; the latter half is more interesting, but overall, an abbreviated feel permeates the movie. Whereas Antonioni's 'The Passenger', which I also saw recently and which follows a similar course, is all about mood (only hinting at plot), here the balance is different, and the more interesting, introspective aspects are occasionally rushed. There's a lot of interest here, and some ambition on the part of the director; but some of its ideas could, I think, have been allowed a bit more space to breathe.

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