The Big Wedding

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April 28, 2019



Ben Barnes as Young Man
Diane Keaton as Patsy McCartle
Katherine Heigl as Kathryn
Robin Williams as John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Phil.Gee 2 / 10 / 10

You can count the laughs on one finger

Think of the stupidest, most contrived TV sitcom you've ever seen (there are so many to choose from, I know); that's the style and level of this "comedy." I figure the producers ran out of money after hiring so many stars, so they had to assign the scriptwriting to an intern. But not just any intern -- an intern whose idea of raucous humor is Robert De Niro falling down. In fact, that hilarious scene happens in the very beginning, and sets the stage for the painful 89 minutes still to come. I would have turned it off right there, but my wife insists on watching even the worst dreck in this genre to the bitter end. I was forced to take several long trips to the bathroom -- "You don't have to pause it, honey" -- in order to survive without screaming. Miss it.

Reviewed by Maria Trim 8 / 10 / 10

Really enjoyed it, fab for a rainy afternoon

I find all the really bad reviews quite amazing. Saying this film is full of explicit sex, wow some people must lead sheltered lives, they should watch some of the series now like Game Of Thrones, Outlander, The collection, Girlfriend Experience just to name a few, which are border line porn. This film is worth a watch just for the great actors in it, i mean you cant go wrong with Diane Keaton, Robert D Nerio and the great Susan Serandon and sadly watching the wonderful Robin Williams made it a bit poignant to watch but reminded me of what a wonderful actor and versatile he was. OK the plot is thin but it had lots of funny moments and omg i love Katherine Heigl she is now one of my favorite actresses. Its worth a watch to just enjoy all these great actors. Its a romp a silly one its whats on the box, The Big Wedding. Its been done before and will be done again. I watched on Netflix, free, on a very wet rainy miserable day and I enjoyed every minute of it. So if you just want to watch a nice easy movie with great actors, a bit of titillation, comedy and romance, then you wont have wasted 1hour and 28minutes of your life.

Reviewed by vicksel 8 / 10 / 10

Unexpectedly one of the funniest movies over the past few years

This must be one of the few rare American movies what actually delivered a feeling of recognition. It's not like the usual romcom. Life can sometimes become. It just does... and that it what this movie shows us. It actually shows us what life sometimes can be. It's reality. And that is what makes this movie so very special. Go see it for yourself. Just let yourself sink with the characters (they are very well portrayed. This is just the way family life is. ***spoilers*** The story line is very well written. It's the best one I have encountered in years. I gave this movie only an 8 out of 10 because while the elder part of the cast was definitely on fire, the younger part just didn't match.

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