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Kevin P. Farley as Victor Howard
Malcolm Goodwin as Garrett 'G' Brown
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ttaf353 10 / 10 / 10

Bigfoot or Bigfeet

I had the pleasure of watching this film at the palm noir festival after winning tickets in my local jamboree tombola, second prize was a set of wedge wood dinner plates, wow I'm so glad i didn't win the plates. From the opening scene i was enthralled as only a man under the spell of enthrallment could be, all through the film i was totally locked upon the protagonist of the movie Andy Goldenberg and his mates who go in search of the legendary big footed footman, who apparently only has one foot that's big, otherwise he would be called Bigfeet. So on to the story, camera in hand they set off to find the elusive beast in Georgia, as that's a good enough place as any i suppose, this Georgia is the one in America not the one near Turkey, that sorted out we carry on with the cast, the building of the characters is slow but this gives you time to feel how passionate they are about finding the beast, the shaky direction by the director really gives you the feeling you are there, Jamie Kerrigan and Moose Simmon give an brave attempt at acting but sometime its hard to know which are the trees and which are the actors, the other actors in this film do serve a purpose but I'm not to sure what it is, overall i left the cinema still wondering if part 2 will be the search for the Unicorn, if you only see one movie this year then you should get a girlfriend and watch this flick

Reviewed by thedarkestshadow-32785 / 10

Snooze fest

Nothing but a bunch of walking and stupidity until the very end when you see someone in an extremely cheap looking Halloween costume. Don't waste your time. This so called movie is not funny, not charming, not exciting. What it is is a boring waste of time and money.

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