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Reviewed by jebanadupa 3 / 10 / 10

Very slow paced documentary

Long shots of pages of documents with single words in focus and the rest left blurry might have some artistic impact, but as a documentary this movie fails. The effect of the dramatic music while zooming in and out of said documents only adds a smile on my face and never the desired shroud on my back. The information it provides could have been fitted in a 30 min feature. Trying to fill 90 minutes was a bad idea. Others than that, the information it provides is educating, but nothing more than what an educated man would suspect. No scandals uncovered, but a biased not fact based view on the lobbyist culture in Europe. Too often you hear sentences like 'we saw the documents and they reveal the huge influence of industry into politics' - but you do not get shown said documents, there are no citations, only some shots of who send them and who received them. I would not recommend to view this in a class in school as it does not provide enough material and especially not enough facts to discuss it.

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