The Buccaneer


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Claire Bloom as Felicia
Majel Barrett as Primus Dominic
Yul Brynner as Kongre
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clanciai 9 / 10 / 10

A true story and great drama of the last privateer saving New Orleans for America at the cost of his own world

Cecil B. DeMille's last film (directed by his son-in-law Anthony Quinn, his only film) is a lavish and colourful feast for the eye all the way with some excellent acting by Yul Brynner himself (with hair on for once), Charles Boyer as a pathetic relict of the Napoleon grandeur, Claire Bloom as a wild cat of a pirate's daughter gradually emerging as the only real woman, while Inger Stevens is more like a Barbie doll, E.G.Marshall treading carefully as the governor of New Orleans and many others, but the great story and drama gets somehow obfuscated in the sumptuous and generous mass scenes in splendid Technicolour, every scene making out an impressing image, a typical trait of Cecil B. DeMille, and with glorious fights and fisticuffs in between - the every day life of the pirates of Jean Lafitte is almost the most memorable part of the film. Charlton Heston is a bit exaggerated as old Hickory Andrew Jackson but makes a great impression also. The main thing is the drama, though, which gets a bit muddled up in all the great battle and crowd scenes. It's a tragedy, and does Jean Lafitte really have to take the responsibility for Captain Brown's plunder and sinking of the 'Corinthian'? Whether he had to stand for this crime or not, that's what makes the drama and the tragedy, which nevertheless is saved for a satisfactory end by Claire Bloom as Bonnie Brown, who gets the ultimate victory as a woman and definitely saves the show.

Reviewed by denis888 7 / 10 / 10

Truly Naive And Awful

Oh, I like Charlton Heston a lot, in fact. He was a really great actor and with his impeccable sense of artistry and an array of emotions. And his part in this film as that of General Andrew Jackson, yes, a future President, is probably the best of all. The rest is simply mediocre. Yul Brinner as the titular pirate is at best even and absolutely bland. And then, of my, all those naive pavilion shots, directed by the very Anthony Quinn, who failed at all levels, and even all mighty Cecil DeMille was unable to mend this awful mess of romantic drama, pirates fairy tale, slightly kiddish take on morals...Any better moment? yeah, the best one is a probably the most famous - The Battle Of New Orleans - that Highlanders Charge is the high point of the whole film, but these 20 minutes cannot save 2 hours of yawn and plod and drag and terrible naivety. Yes, such films must be watched for the sake of knowledge that there were truly abominable pseudo historic efforts. My rating - 1 out of 10 - awful

Reviewed by k-thomas 7 / 10 / 10

Good old fashioned Saturday Morning Cinema stuff.

If you want to watch an accurate account about The Battle Of New Orleans, then this is not the movie for you. This the type of film i used to watch as a kid at Saturday Morning Cinema. A great cast. Fine Costumes. The pace is reasonable and the colour is excellent. What does impress me is it does not portray the Americans as all squeaky clean and us British as totally evil, unlike Mel Gibsons The Patriot. I find it strange, that there are only a handful of films about both The American War Of Independence and the War Of 1812. Both wars being an important part of both American and British history. This is the type of film, you want to watch on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, when the weather is bad. If a remake would be made, i would as another reviewer said, Anthonio Bandares as Laffitte and maybe Tom Berenger as Jackson. Female interest maybe Nicol Kidman.

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