The Cabin



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November 11, 2020


Bel Powley as Carrie Pilby
Lea Thompson as Amanda Jones
Orla O'Rourke as Miranda
Steven Brand as Richard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toncincin 3 / 10 / 10

Nit the best ...

I an struggling to understand what's going on here. It seem implausible. Anyhow - not a good watch! A note to other reviewers regarding Lea Thompson's age: This movie came out in 2011. Ms. Thompson was born in 1961. That's 50 - not almost 60. When I was 59, I had teenagers. To say she's too old to have younger children - not true. A lot of people have kids when they are older. My son and dsughter-in- law had their first child at 34 and 37. I was 30 and 32 when I had my children. My sister- in-law and brother were 33 and 43, respectively.

Reviewed by gordonm888 4 / 10 / 10

Profoundly unrealistic characters , situations and sports competition

Hallmark movies can range in quality - from surprisingly good and well done to very bad. This one is very bad. The romantic couple have no chemistry and their dialogue is unpleasant and childishly competitive, to the point that it is not fun to watch. Also, the female actress is almost 60 in real life, making the entire romance a little forced and a little creepy. The couple and their children all behave unrealistically. Of course, the couple walks out on each other repeatedly, only to change their minds - but these scenes are poorly conceived, badly written and unconvincing. And children keep saying how they really want to be in the sports competition, despite the fact that they have hardly practiced and are terrible at almost all of the events. The sports competition scene at the end of the film is terrible. There are two teams each consisting of two families (a low budget, even for a Hallmark movie) -but the entire competition comes down to one father versus the other team's father - because no one else on either team does anything that affects the outcome of any competition. A crowd of spectators watch as children throw a hammer 14 feet. Really, 14 feet. They announce that. Why would spectators make this competition their destination for a day? And, why are we watching this stink bomb? I have watched over a hundred Hallmark films - and with that as context, I am telling you that The Cabin is one of the worst two or three Hallmark films I have ever seen.

Reviewed by YabbaDabbaDabba 4 / 10 / 10

Not Worth The Watch

I was charitable giving this a 4, and I did that for effort. It's a really bad movie. My wife said we could delete it if it was too silly for me. I quickly agreed and banned it from the DVR. It's difficult to explain what went wrong with 'The Cabin,' I think because everything was wrong. Silly, tacky, an overdose of Scotland In a bad way. Filmed not in Scotland and the accents actually hurt my ears.

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