The Captive Heart


Drama / War

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Gordon Jackson as Vahlin
Jack Warner as George
Mervyn Johns as Friar Laurence
Michael Redgrave as Andrew Crocker-Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clanciai 10 / 10 / 10

Michael Redgrave among other traumatized and penalized prisoners of war after Dunkirk

This is a deeply human and almost documentary account of the life of prisoners after Dunkirk who are not released until towards the end of the war, Michael Redgrave as the leading actor being far from alone among suffering fellow soldiers, as there is a number of tales told of dire destiny in this concentration camp of arduous fates. Redgrave is of course the most interesting case, a Czech escaped from the Germans and sought by Gestapo, hiding as an Englishman with a fake identity with suspiciously good knowledge of German, as his father was a diplomat in both London and Berlin. There is also Gordon Jackson with the loss of his sight and his despair about having to give up his betrothed, there is the family man whose wife is having a baby in his absence with that whole family story, there is the major (Basil Radford) struggling with the challenges of his responsibility, there are the sore trials used by the Germans make the camp existence more difficult than necessary for the prisoners, who nevertheless manage to break loose into comedy when an occasion arrives. It's heartrendingly human all the way, and the great love story developing in the ruins with inevitably critical consequences makes this film a definite and almost obligatory classic.

Reviewed by kijii 9 / 10 / 10

A broad and evolving photo montage of stories about British Soldiers in a German POW camp

The movie is a broad photo montage of several stories--from one setting--of British soldiers who were captured early in WWII (1941) and placed in a German POW camp. Is depicts what happens to them and their loved ones, back home, as they are separated by time and space. How do the relationships change? How do they remain the same? What holds them together or drives them apart? Four years can be like a lifetime to those it affects. This is no Stalag 17 or Hogan's Heroes-type movie. I found the movie to be very engaging and enjoyable, even as half of a long-range relationship undergoes very big changes. Changes can range anywhere from physical disability, to "Dear John" letters, to birth and/or death. The relationship often—usually—depend on letters and photos back and forth.

Reviewed by davidjanuzbrown 9 / 10 / 10

Excellent Movie

I am surprised more people do not like this movie. First off it is a rare opportunity to see Michael Redgrave and Rachael Kempson together.Spoilers Ahead: The story is about a Czech Captain named Hasek ( Redgrave) who steals the ID of a dead British Officer named Mitchell and gets captured and is thrown into a German POW Camp. What I like is how he and the dead officers wife Celia ( Kempson) fall in love via letters. As it turned out she was better off with Hazel then Mitchell because Mitchell abandoned the family. The real hero of the movie was Private Matthews who volunteers to allow Hasek to take his place in being repatriated back to Britian. When the POW head Major Darlymple asks why? He explains that he is a burglar and has nothing to go back to. He even offers to break into the Kommandant's office and switch Mitchell's name with his. The Major said "That is rather sporting of you, and we have a place for someone of your talents." So by putting someone else ahead of himself ( NOT the usual act of a criminal Matthews ( like Hasek) will have a better life then he ever had before. 9/10 stars

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