The Capture

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Amanda Wyss as Bernice Delaney
Nora-Jane Noone as Bernadette
Rodney Rowland as Ronnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10 / 10

Dark Matter Matters

This is a low budget science fiction film on the order of "Primer" except this one has a woman in it. This review has minor/early spoilers. Louis (Jordan Tisdale) and Alex (Nora-Jane Noone) conduct an unorthodox illegal experiment which proved successful. They need to bring on Isaac (Jonathan Howard) who does not approve because it involves euthanizing people. They capture (hence title name) an entity who guides souls in the afterlife. After that all kinds of debates ensue. The film is slow moving and shot in one location. Physicist Louis claims matter is changed to energy when you burn something, which any seventh grade art history student can tell you is incorrect. Clearly the writing was not as clever as it could have been. Acting could have been better if they had cleaned up the backstories and dialogue. My favorite line, "Are you dead?" Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10 / 10

The Capture: Smart little thriller with weak payoff

The Capture gripped me early, but the further into the movie it got the more the grip was loosened and by the end it had thoroughly lost me. It tells the story of a group of scientists who use risky, questionably immoral and dangerous methods to break space and time to find out what truly happens when you die. Is there an afterlife? Are all the reports of angelic entities at places of mass death true? Based almost entirely in one location with a 3 person cast it plays it's low budget well and delivers a fairly original concept. Sadly what it doesn't do is provide you with a competent payoff, the finale is really quite weak. Considering the movie tries so hard with it's pseudo-science to come across smart the ending demonstrates a lack of intellect and common sense. It is very frustrating when an interesting movie fails to wrap things up well and ultimately it kills the entire film. Nice ideas, failed execution. The Good: Solid concept Convincing premise Fittingly moody tense atmosphere The Bad: Too short Finale is an utter failure Things I Learnt From This Movie: Short tattoo sleeves on girls can look fantastic

Reviewed by coivaln007 2 / 10 / 10

Terrible waste

The acting was good, the story was interesting (up to a point) but the "special" effects were non existent and the movie set was awful. Its a sad indictment of a film when the total special effects consisted of a single blue light being cast onto the soul guide that was wearing what appeared to be a toga. Unfortunately, the movie becomes boring real fast and does not hold the viewers interest. When the special effects in an Asylum film look absolutely awesome in comparison to this film, you know that this film is one to avoid.

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