The Christmas Promise

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10 / 10

Lacks smooth transistions

Good basic story even if it borrows themes rather blatantly from other movies, but at least not all the same movie. Good acting. Good dialogue. Some good scenes that pop like the one with the three women with facial crème masks. And awesome chemistry between Torrey DeVito and Dylan Bruce. DeVito's, Nicole is very appealing. Her grief makes her sympathetic and scenes before and later show her to be generous, loving and amiable. This could have been an excellent movie, but more than once, I went "huh"? I missed where the Christmas tree in the field came from. Maybe it was mentioned, but it hit me out of nowhere. Nicole goes from so deep in grief that she barely leaves her house except for work then to being flirty with Joe way too quickly. There's another change of mood that is way too quick near the end. There are others. Some of the movie's attempts to pull heartstrings over Nicole's grief were too obvious. They still managed to work, but they should have been less blatant. It's still a good movie, but it could have been very good. It felt like scenes were left out for time. You don't waste a name like Patrick Duffy, but I think the story would have flowed better by removing his dating life completely (even it felt truncated) and filling in some gaps with Nicole and Joe.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 7 / 10 / 10

What about the Left-Overs?

This was a straight forward story of a young woman struggling to recover from the shock and grief of her fiancé getting killed during Christmas a year ago. She is provided tons of support and counsel by her "squad" of good friends and her father, ably played by Patrick Duffy. But it's not until she becomes friends with the carpenter whom she hired to finish up her and her fiancé's remodel of their old house that she begins to move forward. Also, in a nod to You've Got Mail and it's predecessors, she pours out her heart one night via text message to her fiancé's old cell phone # and she gets an answer. No, it's not his ghost. This is not "Tales from the Crypt." There were some definite redeeming features in this show as well as some lazy writing that detracted from my enjoyment. First the positive. In a break with their usual policy of not showing dead former true loves (wouldn't want anyone to get depressed during a Christmas movie) the doomed fiancé had a considerable role in this show. I liked this mature decision on the part of Hallmark, and they got a Hallmark familiar face(Giles Patton) to play him. I liked that Torrey DeVito did not play the brave but po-faced grieving girlfriend. She was pretty cheerful and upbeat throughout. Although this might have been because of her lack of range, rather than a conscious choice. The carpenter love interest was sexy and nice, when he stopped coming across like a stalker. That awkward scene when he was in the Toy Store goofing around with the costumes trying to make Torrey laugh was just jaw-dropping. But he recovered. There is an adorable kissing scene towards the end which is one of the cutest and most surprising kisses I've ever seen on a Hallmark. Her friends and sister were loving but sometimes obnoxious, insensitive and awkward in the face of the tragedy. I liked that. Just like real friends. Now for the bad. Mostly, Torrey DeVitto had little to do in this acting-wise. But at the beginning, her reaction to the tragic and shocking news of her fiancé's death was more like how someone would react to stepping on something disgusting. They mercifully cut the scene short and went right in to "One Year Later." Perhaps with another actress, they would have made a different choice. As part of her healing process, she goes to a field to decorate a lone Christmas Tree which is at least 50 ft. Tall. (Not like on the poster.) She puts a few ornaments on at a time. By the end, we have a scene showing the huge tree fully decorated with huge ornaments. How did she do that? Did she hire a crew and a cherry picker? Also, her sister has been cooking casseroles all year for her and Torrey has dozens of casseroles in the freezer. It's kind of a running joke. One night, carpenter guy comes over, and she cooks them all at once! They're sitting at the table with about 10 casseroles on it, and dipping into all of them! First, It must have taken her hours to cook all those. "Oh you must try the Broccoli and Cheese-It's delicious!" It made no sense. I was so concerned with what they were going to do with all those left-overs, it just took me right out of the movie. Now these were scenes that were not necessary to the plot or character development. You can just laugh and shake your head. But they show just slap-dash bad writing, directing, or editing and a lack of respect for your audience. So, a mix of the pretty good with the pretty stupid, but not enough good to entirely ignore the silly stuff.

Reviewed by cgvsluis 7 / 10 / 10

Handsome guy helps grieving woman cope and maybe find a second chance at love.

Hallmark Christmas Romance about a young grieving woman who lost her fiancé a year ago Christmas time. She is intending to sell the house and the toy store that they owned together, problem...she needs to finish the renovations on the gorgeous Victorian. In comes Joe, who is the friend of a friend, to complete the renovations. Meanwhile thanks to a suggestion from her grandfather (played by a feisty Patrick Duffy), she starts texting her dead fiancé...only someone else answers, someone who understands her grief as they are going through the loss of their brother. Joe is handsome, patient and kind...he seems to be just what she needs. Holiday romance involving healing after a loss. One of the better hallmark holiday romantic films.

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