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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 4 / 10 / 10

This movie will never be on my list of great TV movies, anytime soon.

Sometimes, Lifetime Channel makes really good movies. This isn't one of them. The Client List is both disgusting and stupid. It's sad to think that they made a 2012 TV Series out of this trash. There is nothing sexy about Jennifer Love Hewitt sleeping with old men, cheaters, and having sex with ugly men risking STDS for money. How you feel about prostitution, and whether it is a victimless crime, may determine if you like or dislike this film. I don't like this movie because it made itself to be a sexy fun drama, and instead a message movie that shows the dark side of prostitution and the dangers. I was really hoping for a Night of Cabiria (1957) or Vivre Sa Vie (1962) feel to the film. Wow, was I deeply wrong. Jennifer Love Hewitt starts as Samantha Horton, a wife and mother turned prostitute when she lands a job at call house/a massage parlor due to serious financial hardships. The town has no clue that hiding behind the doors of what appears to be a legitimate business, the girls do more than just give a massage.Her clueless husband is played by Teddy Sears as a pretty wimpy guy who was once a football star. He's had a knee injury but we aren't sure why he can't hold down another job. It's never explain. I found him only there to shame Samantha for turning into a hooker. He plays little to no part of the story, besides that reason. The Client List might be based on a true story of the 2004, the West Texas sex scandal that rocked the city of Odessa, Texas when a police investigation of the Healing Touch massage parlor uncovered allegations of prostitution and city corruption, but the movie takes such liberties to the story. Unlike the movie, where most of the the sex acts happens in its close door in the massage parlor. In real life, the clients would ask them for a girl to meet at a certain time and then she goes to their choice of a hotel and then they'll meet there, and have their session. Surrprising the lead actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, was actually nominated for a Golden Globe for this film. I usually love Jennifer Love Hewett's work, but I hate this concept, and I'm embarrassed for her that she would lower herself to this standard. I have to say her acting is most campy. Her southern accent sounds awful and makes her look dumb. Sam wrestles with this decision periodically, as she also get hook on drugs. She didn't want to become a prostitute. She was against it from the very start and turned down the job, but she ends up doing it due to greed. Rather than quiting, she rides it until it can't go any further. The movie loves to say, the men who buy their time with the hookers were bad and make the women look like victims. I have to say, both the men and the women are to blame for their awful decision making. There are no organized crime men running the operation. It's all women! The only male who is dangerous to the women, at least as depicted in the film is the one John who gives and sells Samantha Horton drugs. There is no violence and even the language is mild. There are not victims, at all, movie. They deserve everything they got store for them in the end. This movie is also one of the most misogynistic film, I ever saw. I'm not saying that prostitution is immoral, but to glamorize it is wrong because prostitution is actually very degrading and dangerous for the women who do it. This was made for the female-targeted Lifetime Network, and her performance will probably set women back 20 years. Samantha's mama, Cassie, is played by Cybill Shepherd in a very canny and welcome supporting role. The acting wasn't anything worth noting. The screenplay is very predictable, and there wasn't much nudity for a eroticism film. The prurient "ripped from the headline" scandal wallow in distasteful dramatic recreations and just bellow up. Overall, not worth it unless you're a fan of B-List, Lifetime movies.

Reviewed by hall895 7 / 10 / 10

Scratch it off your list

A Lifetime movie about prostitution? How is that supposed to work exactly? Because on Lifetime you can't actually show anything. You can barely even hint at anything. But maybe that's OK because if you saw the main character getting down and dirty with an endless succession of men it might be hard to sympathize with her. And this movie clearly wants you to sympathize with her. The poor, sweet, lovable Texas mom who just has to sleep with hundreds of men. You know, for her family. She's doing it for her family so that makes it OK, right? Ick. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Sam. Both she and her husband are out of work. They are about to lose their home to foreclosure. And goshdarnit their son needs money to register for peewee football. What's a mom to do? Well, become a hooker of course. To be fair Sam doesn't set out to be a hooker. She thinks she's applying for a job as a massage therapist but it turns out this is a full-service massage parlor if you catch my drift. After approximately two minutes of moral indignation in which Sam refuses the job she frantically calls up the head hooker to beg forgiveness for any perceived slights against these hard-working women. Sam would just love the opportunity to be a prostitute after all. And so begins Sam's career as the most popular living, breathing blow-up doll in Texas. And everyone lived happily ever after. No, not really. This is a movie which both insults your intelligence and bores you to death. Not a good combination. Nobody seems to question how it is that after a few weeks of working as a massage therapist Sam has enough money to not only pay off the bank but lavish all sorts of extravagant goodies on her family. Like a motorcycle for her husband. What a dunce this guy is. Doesn't question all the cash. Doesn't realize that his wife shouldn't be nearly as tired and strung-out as she is if she's just giving rubdowns all day. Doesn't question all the fancy new jewelry his wife's receiving as gifts from her clients. Sam explains the baubles away by saying they're fake. Yes, because massage therapy clients are well-known for brandishing jewelry, real or fake, on girls who rub their backs. That makes sense. The one friend Sam confides in does not do the logical thing which would be to smack Sam upside the head. Eventually the story takes a darker turn. Sam starts to lose control, then comes the inevitable dramatic final act plot twist which actually isn't at all dramatic. And then the filmmakers try to put a happy face on all of this because, again, they obviously want you to think good things about Sam. Don't you just love this brave, plucky little heroine? Not particularly. Hewitt turns in a decent performance, doing the best she can with a rather lousy script. None of the other performers, including Cybill Shepherd mailing it in playing Sam's mom, make any kind of positive impression at all. If this wasn't a Lifetime movie maybe it could have been spiced up a little bit. But it is what it is, a rather tame prostitution story. Who wants a tame prostitution story? Apparently Lifetime thinks we all do as they went and turned this rather lousy movie into a TV series. Endless hours of this drivel? No thanks, an hour and a half was plenty.

Reviewed by mrcibubur 7 / 10 / 10

Better movie about prostitution than you might think

I must say that I found this movie highly amusing and entertaining. Americans are bound to criticise it but the concept of the story strikes at the heart of family life and when the chips are down and you are broke, a woman will do anything to feed her children and keep the family home. That is what Samantha does in the story line and full credit to her. the film is good in my opinion because it treats the subject in a light hearted way (a bit like Stepford Wives if you can imagine) and is an eye opener for us all, there is no bad language and actually no sex either, given the nature of the film. It is not a compelling film and of course it is a wee bit predictable but it should be seen and enjoyed.

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