The Closet

Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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August 26, 2020



Jung-woo Ha as Pyo Jong-sung
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mobp 5 / 10 / 10

Average "korean" horror

Name a korean horror movie. I've seen it. Where did all the good korean horror from the early 2000s go ? Somehow people thought "The Wailing" was a great movie and now everyone is trying to copy it. Exorcism, Shamanism everywhere. Where did the subtle creeping up your brain horror go ? This movie is like an american exorcism movie. It even has jump scares. It starts rather promising but becomes kinda uncreative quick. I have seen most of this somewhere before, in a better form, in an US movie(Insidious). That's not the kind of horror I want from a korean horror movie. Theres a hundred better US movies with that topic out there. Not impressed at all.

Reviewed by timjdavis-69307 6 / 10 / 10

A must watch for horror fans

Korea is fastly becoming one of my favorite countries to produce horror films. Train to Busan is one of my favorite modern horror films and after watching the closet, it's not far behind. It's creepy, well written, well acted and left me in a ball of tears at the end. Highly recommend this film

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

this is not what you might expect...

And surtainly not the fright i did expect from this product, thank gawd the playtime is only 90 mins+, compared to 120-130mins average korean films, because its a utterly slow build up, until it all turns into a turmoil of dreams, hidden lusts and fantasies, and a pseudoquasi parapsychological exorcism a la southkorea, where you walk trough the valley of death and the realm of calm (packed with children), and at the same time has ear to ear contact with the excorsist who are plagued by the elders and the ghosts of his and his clients past and a few more entities turning the world upside down, until oblivion takes over and i lost the thin red line of the storys plot ( and thats not good). so why a 6 instead of 3 stars, well its a solid technical product with a sjamanistic kind of score that sooths you halfhypnotised into the closet, so if youll learn some filmatographic and clever editorial tricks, then take a look. i'm sure the horror phantasts will consider this as a cult classic, because it has its scary moments for sure, indicated by my wifes leave and abscence halfway into the plot,and even though my negativism and lack of ghostbustrial fantasia, the grumpy old man do give a recommend

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