The Co-Ed Killer: Mind of a Monster

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cdeanroane 2 / 10 / 10

Another show that is way to long for the subject covered!

This show at 3 hours with commercials could have been shorten to between a hour to 90 minutes. Again they drag out long retired police officers and others who had some dealing with the killer! However much of what they add is not worth the time it took up in the show. Fact that one of the victims as lesbian and baked awesome pies added nothing to the this story. In fact one could just do an internet search and read more important facts this long convoluted take!

Reviewed by schtdygirl / 10

Great three part series

A lot of detail I have not seen in other programs. Interviews with psychiatrist, police and family members. Much more detail than other series. Mindhunter did a great job portraying him.

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