The Comeback


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by world_of_weird 7 / 10 / 10

Effective but occasionally stodgy chiller

Jack Jones, the seventies MOR crooner, doesn't disgrace himself with his central performance in this memorably demented chiller. Jones plays a pop singer attempting to record a new album in the surroundings of an apparently haunted country retreat, but he's distracted by the creepy staff (Sheila Keith and Bill Owen), his smarmy, secretly cross-dressing manager, the brutal murders of his ex-wife and trusted colleague, and a burgeoning relationship with groupie Pamela Stephenson. Whilst not as gory as FRIGHTMARE nor as fast-paced or compelling as HOUSE OF WHIPCORD, THE COMEBACK has more than enough touches of eye-popping kinkiness, blood-spattered madness and hallucinatory menace to keep discerning genre fans entertained. Just be warned that Jones's music on the soundtrack isn't his best (it sounds like a particularly wayward Scott Walker solo album), and if you're expecting another nonthreatening pop star movie vehicle, you'd do better to avoid this completely.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 10 / 10 / 10

Keeps you guessing.....

True, this is rather more pedestrian than Walker's infamous horror trilogy and this clearly would have benefited from a McGillivray script. This is much more one dimensional and at times rather plodding with the fabulous Sheila Keith unfortunately sidelined. However, this is nothing like as bad as has been made out, has vigorous kills a most eerie atmosphere and decent performances from both Jack Jones and Pamela Stevenson, not to mention a restrained but most effective one from the aforementioned Ms Keith. Keeps you guessing but by the end there is nobody else it could be. Despite comments I have seen elsewhere, both leads do disrobe even if the flesh is carefully shot. Enjoyable.

Reviewed by horns-1 10 / 10 / 10

Creepy UK slasher with plausible, solid storyline.

I haven't seen The Comeback since 1980 or ‘81. I was ten when I caught this one on cable television and a few of the more horrific scenes have stayed in my mind ever since. Just a few days ago I rediscovered this great ‘70s slasher and bought it on DVD (a copy). For fans of this genre, the killer's appearance/costume and murdering style will definitely please. While there's not a ton of carnage to be found, the slayings are frantic and brutal and bloody. The film arguably keeps a creepy atmospheric setting from start to finish. The dreary warehouse penthouse and its gated levels and gear-crunching elevator, the minacious manor house and its two curious elderly keepers, are both good examples. As well as gore, the film also provides a few psychological jolts. Jack Jones and the rest of the cast deliver believable performances with good material. The dialogue is perfect and there's a plausible, solid storyline with a few interesting subplots, to boot. As with similar films the ending here is not so predictable. Pamela Stephenson in the role of Linda Everett is total eye candy, and I kept thinking how much she looks like a younger Pamela Anderson. And how can anyone pass up seeing Charlie's Angels' Bosley in full drag, tearful over the secret crush he has on his number-one male recording artist. Humorously, until just now discovering this film again, I'd always confused Jack Jones for Skip Stephenson of the TV series Real People. In summation I really think this UK slasher is much better than many of the Italian giallos I've seen. It's just a creepy flick that I highly recommend; Pete Walker did a hell of a job. The rating should be much higher.

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