The Conspiracy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lnvicta 8 / 10 / 10

This faux documentary makes 'Blair Witch' look like 'A Christmas Story'.

The Conspiracy is about exactly what the title suggests: conspiracies. From 9/11 to the New World Order to occult rituals between world leaders, The Conspiracy wraps it all up into one incredulous story that is documented as realistically as possible. Real footage is mixed in with false claims, blurring the lines of reality, and one of the lingering themes in the movie is the fact that it's easy to dismiss conspiracy theories but it's impossible to disprove them. It's a fantastic concept for a horror movie and it's executed as barebones as possible - we're on the journey with these reporters, and you better be ready for one hell of a ride. The first half is mainly setting the foundation for disbelievers. The cameramen begin as skeptics, then one of them starts to believe, then one of their contacts goes missing leading them to believe he was taken by the same syndicate they're researching, then they become even more determined to find the truth. It's similar to The X-Files in the searching for truth aspect, but it's far more dark and sinister. The syndicate here want the world to be run by one government, birthing the New World Order, and actual presidential speeches are cut together to make it as credible looking as it can be. No matter how skeptical you are, it's easy to get lost in the mindset of, "Hey, what if this were true..." I'm not going to spoil anything because the less you know the better. I will say that the third act is an absolute roller coaster, but the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. It's an exercise in the underground; the occult; the "what ifs". Some interviewees are masked in anonymity - blank faces and robotic voices - multiplying the creep factor by a hundred percent. Again, from the documentary-style filming to the expertly edited real footage, The Conspiracy blurs the lines between reality and fiction to the point of probability, and there's nothing scarier in horror than not knowing what is true and what isn't.

Reviewed by TomShortell 7 / 10 / 10

I've been waiting for something like this.

I've always had a love for conspiracy theories because they are surreal and they're just fun to research personally. I enjoy being scared and horror doesn't do that for me these days but the dialogue aspects of this did it for me. I like a horror film that actually frightens you but this frightened me in more of a factual way. The information given out was important to listen to. It felt like something different this horror film and its great when one stands out to you. Which it did. The build up was good as there was barely any causes to horror affection until the ending when the actual events occur in. A very interesting and positive horror film that deserves more than it should get. The slow side to this really worked well as it allowed the ending to build of some very nice factual points. Conspiracy Theories for you.

Reviewed by themissingpatient 7 / 10 / 10

Perfect horror story for our times

Aaron and Jim are documentary filmmakers who become fascinated by a street preaching conspiracy theorist. A man who spends all his time spreading a message, like a modern day prophet, about how we are all slaves and the world is run by a group of rich men who are connected by secret societies. When this man suddenly vanishes, Aaron begins to study the clues the missing man left them and believing in the conspiracy as well. Anyone familiar with the dark side of YouTube will know what this film is exploring. It's a mockumentary with elements of found-footage horror that touches on as many different conspiracy theories as possible but eventually focuses in on a particular secret society. The Conspiracy is a perfect horror story for our times. Don't expect an average horror film, this is Blair Witch Project meets Eyes Wide Shut. The writer/director, Christopher MacBride, fearless dives into the frightening subject matter and keeps the film as real as possible, working well within the small budget. The film is quite an accomplishment in more ways than one.

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