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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by januszlvii 9 / 10 / 10

Good Family Movie

If someone is looking for a movie that you can watch with your daughter, that will not insult your intelligence and she will enjoy, look no further then the Cookie Mobster. It has all of the mob elements: Family, organized crime, bad guys and the proper language (without profanity of course), combined with the stuff a girl would enjoy: Scouting baking cookies and a single mother with a highly intelligent daughter. What really appeals to me is the character growth in this movie. Mobster Joey D'Amico (Rick Malambri) who is in Witness Protection teaches Girl Scouts ( and their Den Mother) how to make cookies ( and even more importantly how to sell them. There is one scene where he gives away a cookie to a man for free. All he asks is if you like it ( He did) to recommend the cookie to two friends, and of course, they sold a lot of cookies. He learned about love by falling for Den Mother Amanda ( Pippa Black), and standing up and facing responsibility and spoilers ahead: Got rewarded by marrying her. Her problem was a lack of trust of anyone ( herself included), which is why she was not a great leader, and finally learned to trust Joey ( because he proved his love to her), and became a great motivational leader by selling a record amount of cookies. Of course, daughter Sally was the smart one and knew that Amanda and Joey would be perfect together. The standout performance belonged to Lanie Kazan as Joey's mom. She was wise to Joey being in Organized Crime ( despite Joey denying it), and she was the one who pointed out how many cookies and of course, how much money was made. She also stopped the hit men who were going to kill Joey by saying " What would your mothers think about you" and grabbing them by the ear. Of course, she was happy with his choice of Amanda as a love interest. As a mob film it is not The Godfather but well worth watching. I am shocked it gets no comments. 9/10 stars.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 / 10

Light family comedy

I get the impression that this movie intended to appeal to children as much as adults. There is no resemblance to reality, even less than most Rom/coms. The mobster's big crime scheme is selling fake baby carriers. The mobster turned witness has better moral values than the competition Sunny Girl leader. The head waiter of the "authentic Italian" restaurant is obviously Hispanic, not Italian. He even says at least one line in Spanish. (Apologies for comments about stereotypes in the movie using non-PC language, but the stereotypes are in the move and hard to describe otherwise.) As is often the case where one of the romantic leads has a child, the opposite lead is a big hit with the child and has obvious chemistry. In this case, Amanda's Sunny Girl pack is like an extended family and Joey has chemistry with all of them. There is chemistry between Rick Malambri and Pippa Black, but they don't have enough one on one screen time to develop it to the full potential. The ending is great. It would be predictable except for one small surprise with great results.

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