The Cross and the Switchblade

Documentary / Drama

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August 26, 2020



Erik Estrada as Alfred De Molay
Jonelle Allen as Bishop Deb
Pat Boone as David Wilkerson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by legendsofrock2003 8 / 10 / 10

God loves Nicky Cruz

This is the best made amateur Christian film of all time! It is the true story of preacher David Wilkerson who felt called by God to go into the city to help the troubled gang members. The acting can be uneven at times but the direction was very well done. Eric Estrada is excellent as Nicky Cruz. The biggest problem with this production is the musical soundtrack. The story is very good even if the dialog is somewhat hokey. All in all a good solid entertaining film that should convert even the toughest of skeptics. It realistically deals with what life on the streets is all about. See this movie, you'll be glad you did!

Reviewed by heavenzkiss777 8 / 10 / 10

Very good movie

OK, I agree, the movie does have some bad acting in it but until u meet the actual man the movie has a lot less meaning & does seem a bit laughable. I met Nicky Cruz not long ago & I believe meeting him & hearing the story from him made the movie a lot more meaningful & I really enjoy it. I suggest that if you get a chance meet the man. I believe his story can really change lives, something definitely changed in me when I met him. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you do. If its your first time seeing it, keep in mind that it is a true story, maybe you will take it a bit more seriously. And just try to block out the bad acting in some points of the movie =)

Reviewed by sauron256 8 / 10 / 10

It's a TRUE story

I find it hilarious how other people are commenting that the film is unrealistic. Try reading the book, guys! This film is based on a true story, and although minor parts have been changed, the story about David and Nicky is true. Also, another IMDb user wrote in their comment that David refuses to take a severely stabbed Nicky to hospital unless he accept Christ. Maybe this person hasn't seen the film, or their hate of Christianity was deluding them, but this does not happen in the film. This film's a picture of what a messed up life on drugs is truly like, and the solution is Christ. Take it or leave it, but bagging a film just because it's Christian is just immature.

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