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Reviewed by LesWinterburn 9 / 10 / 10

Taking the time to write a small review that others might read.

I saw that there weren't any reviews when I looked the title up myself. I don't know what I was looking for. I am making reference to a twin DVD set as this is the only way I've seen this. More of a case of, I've heard this, rather than seen. The visuals are good though. The transfer to video motion is smooth and very film-like especially in the close-ups where every bead of sweat glistens in the stage lighting. The light show is essential to the performance and is well integrated and especially notable in Siamese Twins, the fourth track on disc 1, where bassist Simon Gallup careens about the stage stalking through the fog and intense spotlights that have an eerie yellow tinge, reminiscent of a scene from Apocalypse Now with that bass of his looking more like a menacing machine gun than a musical instrument. As for the audio on this set I ended up listening to it in Dolby 3 Stereo after trying out the first few songs in 2CH PCM as was provided. Dolby 5.1 Surround is there and although well recorded it lacks the presence of the native PCM track which is in stereo. I measured the sound pressure levels while switching from 5.1 to 2.0 and although the meter showed the loudness to be the same the difference was immediately obvious as the performers seemed to have taken a half a step back from their microphones and turned their guitars up a bit. To get the "in your face" sound and volume this was meant to be heard at you'll need the rawness and brutality of the stereo track without the fancy frills from the mixing panel that seem to have been introduced into the 5.1 track. If your AV Unit can do it, try up mixing the 2CH into 5 Channel Stereo and that should send some good news down to your subwoofer as well. Well it did on mine. I'm not a Hi-Fi reviewer or anything so I can't actually say anything like that, officially so to speak. All I can do is tell you what happened to me. Right from the start you know this concert is going to be good. Every note that Robert Smith extracts from that tortured guitar of his can be heard as clear as. This is particularly noticeable with his signature endings where he plays around with those squeaky notes of his that aren't quite there. His fingering and mucking about with the notes looking for some right ones come through crystal clear in this recording. Maybe Germany and it's recording prowess has got something to do with it. Back when vinyl ruled Deutsche Grammophon was THE name to get. I can't give this 10 out of 10 because although the script, screenplay, set design, costumes, direction and performances were all first rate I think the plot was a little weak so it will have to be 9.

Reviewed by nick337 10 / 10 / 10

Good with a few flaws

A must have for all heavy-duty Cure fans. In all, this a great concert, however in a few songs (namely A Strange Day, Cold, and Out of this World) Simon's bass sounds ridiculously out of tune. I also thought the camera angles changed to fast. For a band like the Cure which is not particularly motion intensive, this was a bad approach to filming. However the performance is quite good, and all the band member's really kick ass. Robert proves he's still got at after all these years, Simon is very energetic as always, Roger does a great job on the keys, Perry dishes out some great solos, and Jason proves to be a very adequate replacement for Boris on the drums. Highlights of the concert include One Hundred Years, Siamese Twins, Plainsong, The Same Deep Water as You, Homesick, Watching Me Fall, Bloodflowers, and The Kiss.

Reviewed by CaligulaAzrael 10 / 10 / 10

Pornography Disintegration Bloodflowers

The Cure at their best, performing the material from their greatest albums. "Pornography", "Disintegration" and "Bloodflowers" altogether, what gives us over three hours of beautiful, melancholic music. Songs like "Siamese Twins", "Strange Day", "Lovesong", "Lullaby" or "There Is No If..." still are giving creeps to the listener, thankfully to Smith's lyrics. As a bonus we also get two songs from the "Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me" album, that is "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" and "The Kiss". Robert Smith and his colleagues are in a very good shape, so this "triple-feature" is highly recommended for every Cure-fan. As one of them I simply cannot give any other score then 10 out of 10. Just remember: the spiderman is always hungry.

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