The Damned


Drama / War

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November 8, 2021


Charlotte Rampling as Soeur Felicita, l'abbesse
Dirk Bogarde as Frank Clemmons
Helmut Berger as Martin Von Essenbeck
Karl-Otto Alberty as 1st Officer Wehrmacht
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10 / 10

Groping for power as well as survival during Nazi Germany's early days.

"The Damned" is pretty much what I expected from a Luchino Visconti epic from the's very long, very slow and very mannered. However, unlike some of his other tediously long films ("The Leopard" and "Death in Venice", it is more watchable...possibly because it's so perverse. The film is about a rich industrialist family in Nazi Germany during the early years (1933 or so onward towards WWII). At the beginning, they seem relatively normal though over the course of the film, these conniving and avaricious folks sell their souls to the Nazi regime in order to maintain power and financial success. In the process, some get wrapped up in the SA (and are eventually destroyed), rape, incest (multiple times), cross-dressing and more...until by the end of the film most of them are dead and the remaining family member is a soul-less ghoul of a man. The story is a decent overview of the German industrialists in general. They were an evil lot who profited tremendously from the build up to the war. Plus, unlike most WWII films, you really see nothing of the country except life for this family. So, the persecution of Jews, Hitler's seizing power and much more are only mentioned in the film as opposed to being directly dealt with in the story. This was NOT a bad thing and makes the film very unique. What also is unique is how incredibly perverse everyone is. There is a lot of nudity...some of which is quite incestuous and kinky. So, it's clearly NOT a film to show the kids or your mother or Reverend Jenkins! Another important thing I must mention is the slowness of the film. It is NOT a movie the average person would enjoy and that is a trademark of many of Visconti's later films. This isn't so much a criticism but an observation. I much prefer his earlier work (such as "Rocco and His Brothers") but many seem to like his slow epics. To each his own....but like his other films, "The Damned" might have been better with a bit of editing and tightening up of the story.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10 / 10

Riding The Tiger

The Damned tells the story about the Nazi consolidation of power from the Reichstag fire of 1933 through the famous Night Of The Long Knives purge in 1934 as seen through the eyes of a prominent German industrial family, the Von Essenbachs. The Von Essenbachs are a Prussian Junker clan who survived World War I with fortune intact. They are a munitions manufacturing outfit based on the real life Krupps and in order to survive the Great Depression and the coming Nazi preventive counterrevolution they make a deal with the new Third Reich. As we know from history the Nazis manufactured an incident with the famous Reichstag fire to spread fear and create the climate for the new Chancellor Adolph Hitler to assume dictatorial powers. The next year was a struggle for power within the Nazi movement as well as the country. The Von Essenbachs have their own power struggles with in the family that parallel the Nazis and the country. Luchino Visconti based some of his characters on some real life German personalities of the day. Dirk Bogarde is based on Hjalmar Schacht the finance minister who in fact was a technician and who did in fact play a large role in German recovery from the Depression. Bogarde is a new man brought in to reorganize the munitions factory and who like Schacht thinks he can ride the tiger. Swedish actress Ingrid Thulin plays the daughter of the patriarch of the clan Albrecht Schoenhals. She's one vicious woman who has bought completely into the Nazi ideology. I believe she's based on Joseph Goebbels wife Magda, one of the most terrifying women in history. Though the two of them indulged in many affairs, they were committed partners in support of Hitler. Magda Goebbels was a woman who along with her husband so couldn't stand the thought of Germany losing World War II and her children living under Russian/Slavic occupation that she and Joe killed their seven kids as well as themselves. One of the sickest people in history and I can definitely see Thulin doing the same thing in the same circumstances. The Damned was nominated for an Oscar in 1969 for Best Original Screenplay, it lost to the more popular Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. As much as I like Newman and Redford this story is far better. Sadly this was the only nomination for the film, incredibly not even nominated for Best Foreign Film. As Visconti states in the film Nazism may have been born with Hitler and discontented veterans of World War I, but it was incubated in the factories of Germany during the Great Depression. It was fed to the workers by the owners who were in terror of a Communist revolution. In many ways the Nazi takeover was a preemptive strike against that occurring, but it was a horrible price.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

Disappointing and Twisted View of the Ascension of the Third Reich

In the 30's, while Germany sees the ascension of the Third Reich that destroys their opponents, the powerful and dysfunctional Von Essenbeck family deteriorates after the murder of the patriarch and baron of steel mills. I am a great fan of Luchino Visconti, and I have seen at least thirteen of his movies. "La Caduta Degli Dei" has not been released in Brazil on VHS or DVD, and years ago I had not the chance to watch it in a movie theater. Yesterday I found an imported VHS and today I have just had a great disappointment, since I really did not like this long movie. I do not know how accurate the historical events might be, but I found it a twisted and messy view of the ascension of the Third Reich, with incest, pedophilia, orgy, rape, mass murder and many other sins. The set decoration and costumes are amazing, like in most of Visconti's movies; the soundtrack is wonderful; and the international cast is fantastic. Unfortunately, the screenplay does not work very well and I do not recommend this feature. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "Os Deuses Malditos" ("The Damned Gods")

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