The Day After Tomorrow

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April 11, 2019


Dennis Quaid as Shark, Baseball Pitcher
Emmy Rossum as Deladis Slocumb
Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Nast
Rick Hoffman as Mr. Blither
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10 / 10

Ridiculous Story, But Fun To Watch

I was leery of a heavy propaganda piece on "global warming," but I still saw this and found that, yeah that's what it was but it was really more of just a straight adventure story than anything else.....and not a bad one, at that. The first 50 minutes of this two-hour film have the "fun parts" where the special-effects dominate. We see all kinds of radical weather disasters that are extremely dramatic and entertaining to watch, even if they don't make a bit of sense. After the blizzard and sub-zero, unlivable weather conditions arrive the movie settles down to a young romance and survival story with Jake Gyllenhaal, Emily Rossum and other people trapped in a library in New York City and Jake's father, played by Dennis Quaid, walking all the way from Philadelphia to rescue him. Yes, it's very, very far-fetched - the whole thing - but it's a fun adventure story with nice people. It's especially refreshing to see Hollywood portray a father as being so loving and selfless. The romance wasn't overdone and the young people were not profane and/or annoying, as so often is the case. Except for the over-exaggerated and extremely erroneous scare tactics of this movie, and a ridiculous portrayal of the Vice Preseint of the United States, the movie works strictly as an entertaining fantasy-adventure story.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 9 / 10 / 10

see how it's done..

The Day After Tomorrow It's high on vfx explosion, drama and survival nature but at the end it is just pointless if these are the only thing that a movie is dependent on.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 9 / 10 / 10

Worth buying on Amazon Prime Video

As a movie buff i rarely actually buy my movies, i usually just rent them, i only buy ones that i find myself regularly re-renting which is an indication that they are my favourite movies, The Day After Tomorrow is one of them, it has likeable characters, it's fast-paced, it has a lot of disaster VFX/CGI scenes. On the scientific aspect - well i'm not a scientist, but as a Christian i don't believe in every single teaching of secular science, i do know a bit about Biblical young earth creationism and for a secular movie it seems to be accurate with that/on the age of the earth aspect. As someone who loves animals and who is sensitive about animals, i dislike the scenes with the wolves, but i know that they are just CGI, the other animals - i don't like that depiction either, zoos - i don't like, if it's a conservation place then that's fine, but that entire animal depiction - i just don't like it, and to be honest it's not even the focal point of the plot. Even if this flick isn't fully accurate in everything it depicts, it's good inspiration to go and start doing some research on these topics of the ice age, climate change and global warming.

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