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Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10 / 10

Well-regarded TV-movie about a teenage addict...still relevant, despite an overlay of histrionics

Ben Gazzara and Robby Benson are solid as battling father and son in this true story about a teenage boy, rebellious and prone to joy-riding all night, who gets involved with drugs. His hard-working, long-suffering parents try to stop the downward spiral, but nothing can break through to their angry, apathetic kid, who seems intent on destroying himself. Despite dated trappings and an overemphasis on parents of addicts who cop out or turn a blind eye (designed to show all sides), the film still packs a small punch. John McGreevey's teleplay, adapted from the book "Richie" by Thomas Thompson, is a bit thick with writer's ink, and the pretensions show through (particularly in an early scene with the father giving a speech in his son's bedroom at two in the morning). However, director Paul Wendkos does a good job at steering us through the tragic circumstances, and the family's plight is certainly a heart-rending one.

Reviewed by michma321 9 / 10 / 10

Best drug movie of all time - Watch it with your kids

I remember seeing this movie when it first aired on TV when I was 8. Scared the crap out of me. Richie's story was in the back of my mind every time I said no to drugs and my friends didn't. Because of that I watched this movie with each of my kids shortly before they entered middle school. It's free on youtube at As we watched they would ask questions and I would pause the movie and answer their questions. Or sometimes I would pause the movie and comment on something to make sure they understood the significance of what was happening. I was tempted to give this movie a 9 but I think that was mostly because it seems dated, and I wanted to avoid punishing a movie simply because it was old (I feel the same way about Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, It's a Wonderful Life). Accepting that this movie was made in the 70s, and made for TV, I think it's a 10 in all respects. The story, the writing, the acting by the 3 main characters, and the score just rip your heart to shreds and fill your eyes with tears. Such a powerful, emotional illustration of how drugs destroy families;how kids should never, ever try them, not even once; and how parents should never, ever give up on their kids, no matter what. Unfortunately this movie tells a true story. Very dark material that will find its way to the darkest parts of your soul. After watching this movie I felt about drug dealers the same way I felt about the Nazis after watching Schindler's List. Scary.

Reviewed by jbartelone 9 / 10 / 10

The Saddest and Most Powerful Drug Dependency Movie of All Time!

The Death of Richie is a landmark TV movie about the downward spiral of a teenager on drugs and the insurmountable pain it brings to his hurt, helpless, parents. This film was a powerhouse in terms of its acting and incredible storytelling. It remains just as brilliant and true to life today. Nothing is held back in this movie. Nothing! Robbie Benson as Richie and Ben Gazzara as his strict but loving father, deliver Oscar-Winning caliber performances! The hurt and the pain in this heartbreaking film is so real that viewers will remember this film for the rest of their lives! Based on an actual case and best selling book in the 1970's, "Richie" the violence and abuse that Richie caused himself and his family speaks volumes. When Richie becomes so violent and abusive to his father, tearing the family apart beyond any hope of reconciliation, the father and Richie, both in a fit of rage, reach a boiling point where Richie's Dad is forced to shoot his own son. In the actual case, the grand jury did not indict Richie's father for the killings, citing self-defense was necessary by the father to protect him and the family from the pain that Richie's tragic and horrifying drug use caused. Everyone who has a child, a parent, any friend or relative with substance abuse problems, please do yourself a favor and see this movie! It will open everyone's eyes to the horror that drug addiction can do to yourself and those you love. That the damage from such an addiction can become a disease, which left unchecked and not treated, can leave such indescribable horror for everyone, resulting in tragic consequences that can never be repaired. One spoiler side-note: The dramatic ending of Richie screaming as his father shoots him was shown when the film first premiered in January, 1977 on NBC. I will never forget that ending! The one problem is that the NBC censors thought Richie's scream was too painful of an ending, so they edited it out of all future airings. This was a very stupid mistake on NBC's part. This film was just too good and had such an emotional message when it premiered that to cut ANYTHING from this movie would deviate from the power of the original version. If the DVD comes out, NBC should restore Richie's scream at the end. It tied-in all the pain and intensity of this TV movie masterpiece! My rating is 9 stars for the current version, and 10 stars for the completely unedited version, which hopefully will soon be available again!

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