The Devil's Candy

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Ethan Embry as Seamus Riley
Leland Orser as FBI Special Agent Kyle Lassiter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by punisherversion1 3 / 10 / 10

The Dull Devil and his Candy

The Devil's Candy: Written and directed by Sean Byrne. This movie was highly recommended on various review sites. I saw it pop up again and again. I finally gave in and decided to watch it. Demons and heavy metal got my attention. I enjoyed Deathgasm and it seemed like this might be in a similar vein. It is not that at all. It is a slow paced artsy style horror movie that feels like it might be a supernatural haunting film. Right from the very beginning, the movie starts to lose me. This family moves into this great big farmhouse in rural Texas. It's in the middle of nowhere and they have only one car. It's as old as dirt. It's the station wagon from Vacation. The mother talks about taking the bus to the salon where she works. The dad is an artist. There's no way they can afford this house even with a murder taking place there dropping the price down. This movie loses credibility from the get go. It has me asking questions that I really should not be asking. The heavy metal stuff doesn't play as integral a part in the story as it seems from the beginning. It is just character dressing. It tries to make them different from your average person who finds themselves in this situation. It's a little unsettling in the presentation. I did enjoy the camera work a bit. But this movie is a lot of window dressing. It is a generic home invasion story with devilish elements. It is a short film but it feels so much longer. It is a dull movie. I simply can not recommend this one. Try again another time. I give this film a D.

Reviewed by sjalkarjadottir 9 / 10 / 10

Very well above average

Metal music and horror .. although metal is often adorned with kind of horror or satanic imagery, for me personally .. those two things do not necessarily go together well. Well, here it does work. There is good chemistry between the father and the daughter (not so much the father and wife though) .. the acting in general is exceptionally well done. The movie is visceral and does not shy away from showing a lot, yet leaving a lot yet to imagination. In contrast with so many other horror movies, this one offers bright, vibrant colours, loud music and a family that actually seems to work well enough. All in all, the movie was fun to watch, not really scary though. There are no "real" jumpscares .. which i appreciate .. and the effects were subtle enough. However it is not without flaw .. it suffers from the very same problem most horror movie storylines suffer from .. poor communication between the characters.. for some reason the people in most horror movies fall for the very same tropes over and over again ... they do not openly talk to one another. It is just one of the points that i do not like much in horror movies. But i can fully recommend it as a suspenseful crime movie.

Reviewed by simig-76373 9 / 10 / 10

Really Well Made and Very Atmospheric

Really well made horror movie, similar to the shining in some aspects, very creepy and a lot of tension is used, I would really reccommend to anyone thinking about watching. Outstanding performances by the two lead characters

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