The Dinner Party

Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 1922


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Alli Hart as Haley
Bill Sage as Guy's Pal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 2 / 10 / 10

blasphemic copycattng

If it hadnt been for Lindsay Anne Williams bussom some halfway into this flick i wouldnt even have made this review. its a dinnerparty, where deceift, black magic , symbolism, ceremonial killings, voodoo and all of the kind are mumbled or muffled together in a slow waltz where nothing really happens till about 50 minutes into the rally. after that its just a disgusting churn of sexual inspired violence driven by the party holders religious hellish beliefs. blood is spilled and blood is drunk, bones are chewn and used for comfort.. its a terrible story, a film made on a wish to comply with others, the actors are from an ensemble that figurates in lots of b and c-movies since 2015, there are some glimpse of hope actingwise, but they are far away from what i call believable. the score is a kakophonic noise from a keyboard which costs almost nothing. some of the filmographic and editorial work , and use of shadow and light are far better than the performances on the screen so it one step further on the quality scale this is a film for theblack magic part of the audience, for me the grumpy old man it was like studying a graph on the developing corona pandemic on some small carribean island, a little blimp and spike here and there, till it goes green from disgust(colours used by worldometers tally-ho). its not a film i would recommend .

Reviewed by michaelgale-63618 8 / 10 / 10

A fantastic ride from fantastic minds

A dinner party, perfect setting for an amazing horror flick. We've been intrigued by boxed role playing dinner murder mysteries, flicks about a gathering going wrong, and lest we forget the time honored game of Clue. Imagine Clue in the universe of Stephen King. Great story, great characters, great time. Enjoy!

Reviewed by SandOwl_ 8 / 10 / 10

Original & good fun

There's many bad reviews of this film, however I don't understand why. Really liked it. It's an original premise, no famous actors, yet the acting is decent & different. It's not Hollywood-finished etc, yet it doesn't need to be, it's good enough as it is & I'm grateful it is what it is. Particularly the actress who portrays Hailey. Hope to see much more of her. They were all okay. Worth the watch. Not going to give anything away.

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