The Electrical Life of Louis Wain


Drama / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferguson-6 6 / 10 / 10

tragedy or triumph?

Greetings again from the darkness. If you fancy yourself a cat lover, you've likely seen his drawings, or at least some of the many 'copies' that other artists have produced over the years. Louis Wain was a prolific British illustrator, best known for his anthropomorphic paintings and drawing of cats (think of the kitschy paintings of dogs playing poker). Writer-director Will Sharpe and co-writer Simon Stephenson have delivered a biopic of Wain that focuses less on his art, and more on his gradual mental breakdown. The film opens in 1881, and Louis Wain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a young man, whose life has just drastically changed. The death of his father has forced Wain into the role of breadwinner for his five younger sisters and their aging mother. Initially, we aren't sure what to make of Wain. His stern and demanding sister Caroline (Andrea Riseborough) is unforgiving of his whims and demands that he find steady work to support the family. An interview with an editor/publisher played by Toby Jones allows us to see what a gifted illustrator Wain is ... and his speed is substantially due to an incredible ability to draw with both hands simultaneously. Wain's eccentricities include a belief in the electrical currents that drive all life forms. The film doesn't spend much time on this, but it seems to be a cog in his mental illness - deemed schizophrenia (though that's been debated). Wain overcomes his insecurity around his cleft lip and marries Emily Richardson (Claire Foy), the governess to his sisters. For the times, this was quite a scandal, given the differences in age and social standing of Louis and Emily. However, it seems as though she was the only one who understood and encouraged him as an artist. When tragedy strikes, Wain becomes inspired by their pet cat, Peter. In fact, Peter becomes Wain's muse, and leads to thousands of drawings for publication in newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, and just about every other platform. Olivia Colman provides some lively narration, and Taika Waititi and Nick Cave both have brief cameos. Cumberbatch is a bit over-the-top with his tics in the first half of the film, but his talent is clear as he portrays a man whose mental health deteriorating, and one who must rely on his special skill to find purpose. Wain spent the last 15 years of his life in a hospital, illustrating right up until the end. While Wain's legacy lives on in his work, there is also a message here - embrace your weirdness! Amazon Studios will release THE ELECTRICAL LIFE OF LOUIS WAIN in theaters on October 22nd, 2021 and on Prime Video on November 5th, 2021.

Reviewed by rannynm 9 / 10 / 10

Beautiful film - Filled With Drama, Comedy, Romance And Tragic Events

I like The Electrical Life of Louis Wain because I learned facts about electricity that I didn't know before. I learned to see electricity in a different way. What I like about this movie is that it is based on the life of the painter Louis Wain and it is filled with drama, comedy, romance and tragic events. This extraordinary film is about the eccentric, British painter named Louis Wain portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. The film beings in 1880s London when Mr. Wain is a young boy, and his family depends on him economically. He loves painting animal portraits, rather than people and when his younger sisters need a teacher (Claire Foy) he accepts a better job in order to pay for the governess who he falls in love with and marries. Wain has a peculiar way of feeling and seeing electricity; seeing it as a feeling between people and animals, especially cats, which takes him to painting cats and making a huge profit from those paintings. The scenes in this film are exquisite, showing Victorian style furniture, houses and beautiful landscapes of 1880s London. The costumes are also from the Victorian era. We see British traditions like drinking tea at midday, visiting the opera house to watch a film and gossiping between nosey neighbors. The instrumental music is very appealing as well. The movie is narrated by Olivia Coleman. I believe this film will be nominated for Best Picture of 2021 and I predict Benedict Cumberbatch will be nominated for Best Actor, because his performance as Louis Wain from each stage of his life is magnificent. Mr. Wain's world was full of eccentric and colorful imagination. His infatuation with cats made him one of the most acclaimed painters of his era. His last work was about cats wearing Victorian outfits and acting as humans. What if Mr. Wain was smart enough to see beyond what normal people can see? The moral of this film is to understand that mental health, besides being an illness, can also be a gift, if treated. This film does contain some mature content and strong language. I give The Electrical Life of Louis Wain 5 out of 5 stars and recommended to ages 12 to 18. Plus adults. The movie will be released in theaters and on Amazon Prime November 5, 2021. And remember, if you or your loved ones suffer from mental health, don't hesitate to look for help. Mental health requires a great deal of attention and it needs to be faced and dealt with. By Ethan P., KIDS FIRST!

Reviewed by jamesjustice-92 9 / 10 / 10

Wain's world

It was nice to finally see Benedict Cumberbatch flex his acting muscles I believed he lost after all those countless Marvel endeavors he had. Here he totally transformes into Louis Wain and delves headfirst in his electrical life and catful adventures in this outstanding motion picture. Before buying the ticket to the movie theater I had absolutely no idea who Louis Wain was and this was probably the main reason why I loved the movie so much - not research the movie before seeing it should be necessary, I think. Otherwise the whole movie experience can be cut down to just an average lesson with tons of homework, like I had with aforementioned Marvel movies whereas a film should be a piece of art on its own and must be experienced the way it is presented, from start to finish. And The electrical life of Louis Wain does that one hundred percent. The personality of Louis Wain was extraordinary and Benedict succeeded in bringing his version of the artist to life on the screen. With the great deal of help from the makeup artists, prosthetics, beautiful music score, visual effects and colorful representation of Wain's world I was able to feel his pain and struggles, and see the world through the prism of his vision. Claire Foy was another reason the movie turned out to be so whole and complete and the way her character shaped the one of Benedict's made me feel this "electricity" only a person who has loved and lost could feel. There are only a few people who can make us realize what a world we live in really is, if it's worth living for even after they're gone. And once we found them we could easily be considered the happiest people alive; Louis Wain was among them as well and he helped deliver this happiness to many more, even after he was gone.

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