The Endless

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Emily Montague as Jennifer Danube
Lew Temple as Conductor
Tate Ellington as Ivan Franco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by askanade 7 / 10 / 10

Different and interesting

There are no cut and dried answers here, just a mystery and a happening that defies logic but makes you feel that it just might happen somewhere unknown to anyone. What is really happening at this cult, why are some people behaving so strangely, what is the past that has pulled the two brothers back to make sense of it all. I liked the movie, the acting and the flow is good and the tempo maintained till the end. The theme of living life in a loop where one day is very much like the other is intriguing but the possibility that some alien intelligence is making it happen leaving no way to escape such a fate seems a little depressing. But finally it is a different movie, well made and so different than the standard SciFi genre that it is worth a watch.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10 / 10

A rather amazing film.

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead wanted to make a film. The problem is that they're newcomers to filmmaking and didn't have the millions it usually costs to make a movie. So, they chose to star in the film, direct, produce and Benson wrote the script! In addition, although the film has some sci-fi/supernatural elements, they managed to create some stunning special effects on the cheap! Watching it is like a lesson on economical filmmaking...and it's a darned good film to boot! Justin and Aaron (yes, the filmmakers use their real names) both apparently left a cult many years ago. Unfortunately, their lives have sucked since and not Aaron is growing wistful and wants to return to this cult for at least a visit. Exasperated, his brother eventually agrees to make the drive to the middle of no where. And, not surprisingly Aaron LOVES the place and wants to stay. Justin, on the other hand, soon learns more about the place and is scared to Aaron eventually will be as well. I would try to explain more about the plot but it's almost impossible to describe the plot. Instead, just watch it with an open mind and enjoy the high quality of the production. It's also a film with a few funny moments as well as harrowing ones...and a film that I am very happy I saw at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Reviewed by M_Exchange 5 / 10 / 10

Ranges from brilliant to ridiculous to horrible

It ranges from brilliant to ridiculous to horrible-- sometimes during the course of two scenes. I understand the limitations of working with a low budget, and they did a fairly good job of just making a coherent story. I've seen many low budget features and shorts that weren't even coherent, let alone good. I just don't like its imbalanced tone and story. My main problem: when Justin Benson's character threw down verbally against the cult leader there should have been a tonal change with him that lasted for the remainder of the film. No one would have such an epiphany and verbally blow up at someone about the horrible conditions in that place then just lollygag through the remainder of his escape. Just moments after he decided that he wanted to leave he seemed as indifferent and lethargic as he seemed during the beginning of the film. There was no sense of urgency or anger or even panic in his acting-- normal things that one would expect in those conditions. It might have been a limitation of him directing himself. Aaron Moorehead's performance as his brother was almost as uneven. They seemed to play basically the same people from the start of the film to its ending. I misinterpreted their natural performances at the beginning of the film as the signs of good actors. No. If no one seems to emote the danger and urgency in a film, why should a viewer care? Overall, it's a so-so film.

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