The Enforcer

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Humphrey Bogart as Gar Boni
Roy Roberts as Cole Sanders
Susan Cabot as Sabra Tanner
Zero Mostel as Brutus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Don Ediger 9 / 10 / 10

Playing to packed houses in Paris

The Enforcer, whose French title is La femme à abattre, plays often to packed houses in Paris. More than one French critic has called the film a gem (un joyau) among film noir classics. Indeed, its popularity in France says lots about pure plot lines and straightforward characterizations which make the film accessible to non-English-speaking audiences. As many readers know, the French are crazy about American film noir, and it's common to see parents bring their children to see movies like The Enforcer. I recently sat next to such a family when the film played in March 2003 at the Grand Action cinéma in Paris. It was almost moving to hear the father explain to his son that they would be seeing a film which, in his words, is a classic with great insights in the American psyche. Hearing them speak made me wonder how many American families use films of decades past to teach their children about the world in which we live. By the way, the three cinémas in the Action chain in Paris regularly play American films noirs and other classic American movies, many of them in newly restored versions. Don Ediger

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10 / 10

The Racket That Pays Best

Although the star of the film in terms of first billed in The Enforcer is Humphrey Bogart, the film's main character is Ted DeCorsia in what is probably his best screen performance. Taking a lot of inspiration from Citizen Kane, District Attorney Humphrey Bogart and his two police investigators, Roy Roberts and King Donovan try and piece back together a case against Everette Sloane who has started a new racket, murder for profit. The chief witness is Ted DeCorsia who after an attempt on his life, falls to his death while trying to escape from a window. After DeCorsia's demise the night before the trial was to commence, Bogart and Sloane start listening to hours of tape from several witnesses to see if they can salvage the case. Like Charles Foster Kane's life, the story of the racket is told in flashback through the tapes. DeCorsia is the main character because all roads lead to him as the number two guy, but only he can finger Sloane. DeCorsia is seen as the frightened witness and also as the tough racketeer. It's almost two characters in the same film, but DeCorsia delivers on both. Everette Sloane is one chillingly evil villain. He's decided to sell the services of killers to those who need them. To other racketeers and to outsiders as well. No motive, the police can't track down the ] perpetrators. The words of this racket, like 'contract' and 'hit' are all familiar terms now, but then it was something fairly new. Bogart's function is like the reporter{s} who pieced together the life of Charles Foster Kane. It's essentially passive, he's one of the few people whoever played a District Attorney in films who never got a courtroom scene. But in the end, frantically trying to find and protect a crucial witness, he becomes quite proactive to say the least. Of course this is all borrowed from the stories about Murder, Inc. and it was familiar to the movie going public. But The Enforcer is a really taut crime drama that never lets your interest flag. It's so good that I can almost forgive a major plot flaw. Through some gross stupidity on Bogart's part, Sloane realizes there's a witness out there who can nail him and he takes appropriate steps. I can't see in real life how that could have happened. Still The Enforcer is a personal favorite of mine for Humphrey Bogart films and I think you'll like it too although when you see it you will see what Bogey did that almost blew the whole case.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 10 / 10 / 10

Another Spectacular Film Noir of Humphrey Bogart

Dist. Atty. Martin Ferguson (Humphrey Bogart) has the chance for sending the criminal Albert Mendoza (Everett Sloane) to the electric chair. He depends on the testimony of Mendoza's right arm Joseph Rico (Ted De Corsia), who is so scared that commits a mistake and dies. Ferguson reads all the case again and again trying to find a new evidence or witness and through flashbacks, the viewer sees what has happened until the death of Rico. Will Ferguson find a missing point? "The Enforcer" is one of those unforgettable films that you can see many times since there are many details. It is a masterpiece with a tight story, top-notch screenplay and excellent performances, with another great direction of Raoul Walsh. The plot is constructed like a puzzle through flashbacks; the black & white cinematography is fantastic, with the use of shadows specially in the exterior scenes; the conclusion is tense. Fans of film noir and police story will certainly enjoy this unknown jewel. My vote is ten. Title (Brazil): 'Um Preço Para Cada Crime' ('A Price For Each Crime') Note: On 09 October 2016, I saw this film again.

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