The Equalizer

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
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Bill Pullman as William / ambassador
David Harbour as Matt Wertz
Haley Bennett as Hunter Conrad
Marton Csokas as George
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjacksongta 8 / 10 / 10

Home Depot EQUALS a bad place to be while on Robert McCall's bad side

In terms of an action movie I gave the equalizer a 7 but soon after felt the need to watch it again and then upped it to an 8. Why? We'll it's an action movie but yet there's no crazy car chases, there's no bombs or heavy big explosions every where. Really the only action scenes are the fight scenes and even they don't come that often. But when they do come they deliver. Denzel is as awesome as ever in these scenes and the creativity in these scenes are what sets it apart from every other action movie. The main character Robert McCall in an ex specialist of some sort, you don't know what at first but know that he's highly trained in something and is now working as an ordinary man working at Home Depot or home Mart as it is in the movie. He looks like just your every day man but can kill you with just about any everyday weapon. And he does this so calmly that big crazy car scenes and explosions would rake away from his character. A man that takes the bus to come kill a whole gang is pretty bad ass by any standard. As always I don't want to give spoilers but I do recommend this as a good wholesome action movie.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 8 / 10 / 10

Denzel Washington made this film better than it was

So I just finished watching Equalizer (EQ1) again, so I can watch Equalizer 2 (EQ2) for the comparison. It's too bad both films had the same director and writers, as they have a bad habit of dragging out the writing and the scenes. Both films at just over 2 hours is just way too long, especially in the simplistic singular plot or EQ1. However, that plot still worked, and mainly because of the entire casts especially Denzel Washington's performance(s). EQ2 certainly had better pacing and a more suspenseful plot - albeit predictable, however it had many plot issues and holes as well as some scenes that needed to be edited down. The new supporting cast was not as strong either. Which did I enjoy better? Probably EQ1 by a small margin, but they both got an 8/10 from me, as they each had their merits and issues. Nevertheless still enjoyable. I hope if they come out with a EQ3, they speed up the pacing within the writing and directing.

Reviewed by marekerek 8 / 10 / 10


Acting: Denzel Washington and Chloë Grace Moretz did their best and were obviously the best in the movie. What surprised me was the performance of Marton Csokas(whose resemblance to Kevin Spacey is striking). It was way better than I expected. The others did well enough. 8/10 Direction and cinematography: Antoine Fuqua is really starting to grow on me. His style is clear and very easy to follow. Direction was great in this movie. 9/10 Soundtrack: Average. I liked the Eminem song during the subtitles, Guts Over Fear. 7/10 Plot: The first two thirds of the movie were great. The final act was.. not so great. It wasn't bad either, but when the main hero is so perfect, you know he's coming out of everything alive and safe. The villain was pretty good, I was afraid I'd have to sit through the entire movie with that first Russian villain. Thankfully, he was just here so we could see how much of a bad-ass Washington's character is. I liked the restaurant scene, it reminded me of Heat. Very well written(the whole movie, not just the Heat scene). 8/10 Overall: It was much more entertaining than I though it would be. A pleasant surprise. Best scene: Restaurant.

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