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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bensonmum2 8 / 10 / 10

Classic Bava

Nora Davis (Leticia Roman) is a young woman hoping to have a wonderful vacation in Italy. Within 24 hours of her arrival, she is almost mistakenly arrested for drug smuggling, the aunt she is staying with dies, she has her purse stolen, and she witnesses a murder. But the police can find no body and no signs of a murder. It seems that no on believes her. It's up to Nora to discover the truth to what happened that rainy night in the plaza. Mario Bava is known for his magnificent use of color. So, it's a little odd that two of my favorite films that Bava made (The Girl Who Knew Too Much and Black Sunday) are black & white. Whatever the format, Bava again demonstrates his mastery of shadows and light very effectively. The film presents a series of images that are hard to forget. Each shot is perfection. One of my favorites is of the thief who steals Nora's purse as he moves from one side of the stairs to the other. It is admittedly a very minor moment, but Bava puts more care into this insignificant tracking shot than most director's do in the main scenes of their movies. It is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. The Girl Who Knew Too Much is an obvious (and not just in title) homage to Alfred Hitchcock. Bava has loaded the movie with moments that are done as I imagine Hitchcock would have done them. If the movie weren't in Italian, you would swear Hitchcock directed it. But the thing that make this movie so effective is Leticia Roman as Nora. Her performance is one of the best I've seen in a Bava film. She comes off as fragile, yet determined, depending upon what the script calls for. She has a believability that is necessary for this kind of movie if the audience to feel concern when she is in peril. Roman is perfect in the role. One final note, this movie is often cited as the first giallo. Whether this is true or not, I only know what I've read. The Girl Who Knew Too Much does establish a very elementary framework for later gialli to follow. But, it bears little resemblance to the gialli that would come later. It's not until Bava fleshed-out the giallo in Blood and Black Lace do we get look and "rules" that have become so familiar to fans of the genre.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

Classic and frightening Giallo by the great Mario Bava with the ordinary cruel murders

The movie tells how an US tourist young girl (Leticia Roman) travels to Rome and is witness a killing by a brutal killer . She's only helped by an Italian mistress (Valentina Cortese) and a good-looking young (John Saxon) , they will help resolve the series of unsolved crude assassinations carried out by the so-called Alphabet Murderer . Later on , the police wants her cooperation to seize the executioner while the mysterious series-killer soon targets her for his next victim . In the movie there is suspense , thriller , horror and results to be very exciting . The film is entertaining for continued tension , emotion , intrigue ; besides , appearing numerous palaces , famous buildings and squares that create spectacular scenarios . The picture is considered to be the first Giallo , being rightly regarded as the seminal work in what became known as the "Giallo" genre , a sub-genre invented by Mario Bava and successfully continued by Riccardo Freda and Dario Argento . Bava would follow filming Giallos as ¨Blood and black lace¨ and classics of horror cinema as ¨Mask of demon¨ , ¨Black Sabbath¨ and ¨Planet of vampires¨ . Film casting is frankly well . Leticia Roman as an enticing scream girl is enjoyable and attractive , John Saxon as her young friend is very fine and veteran Valentina Cortese is excellent . Robert Nicolosi's musical score is atmospheric , though in the US version is composed by Les Baxter , Corman factory's regular , and the catching opening song is sung by Adriano Calentano . Magnificent white and black cinematography by the same Mario Bava , as usual in most his movies , and this was his final black and white production . At the film is shown and well photographed several monuments and squares from Rome , such as : Foro Italico Stadium , Piazza Navona , Mincio Square , Colisseum , Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna . This motion picture which in some countries was released under the following titles : "The Evil Eye" , ¨Incubus¨ or ¨Obsession diabolique¨ will appeal to terror cinema fans and Giallo enthusiasts . Rating : Good . Well worth seeing

Reviewed by eibon09 8 / 10 / 10

Only Bava Giallo with Sympathetic Characters

La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo/The Girl who Knew too Much(1963) is the first of the giallo genre that didn't blossom until the late 1960s. Also the final film by Mario Bava to be done in black and white. Although a Giallo, the film follows the plot lines of the more traditional mystery story with a few twists. The film that uses the perverse and violent elements of the Gialli or Giallo is Blood & Black Lace(1964). Mario Bava's next film, Blood and Black Lace(1964) is less interested in story and more interested in mood and style. The plot involves a woman who misinterprets the meaning of a murder she witnesses. The first horror picture that John Saxon was in. Bava in a rare instance uses naturalistic lighting. Usually the lighting in a Bava film is drenched in artful color. The only other film by Mario Bava to use naturalistic lighting is Rabid Dogs(1974). Lacks the sex and violence that dominates the gialli novels. The director was fascinated by the deception of appearences in this film and in his entire filmography. He seemed to have little optimism about human behavior or human nature. There are only three murders that occur in the film while the others happen before the story begins. The Girl who Knew Too Much(1963) deals with Bava's favorite theme of greed. The murderer before being overcome with bloodlust does these deeds because of obsession with money. Greed is the seed of destruction for the characters in Blood & Black Lace(1964), A Bay of Blood(1971), and Rabid Dogs(1974). Part Alfred Hitchcock and part Edgar Wallace. The acting in the film is good. Leticia Roman is excellent as the naive and attractive Nora Davis. Mario Bava was not interested in doing the film but due to money reason directed it anyway. Downplays the romantic subplot involving Nora Davis and Dr. Marcello Bassi. The scenes that uses suggestions of drug use were cut for the USA release. I love the scene where Nora sets up a booby trap to catch the murderer with disasterous results. The camera was in love with the figure of Leticia Roman during the scene at the beach while panning from her face to her feet. The short love scene between Nora and Marcello has a short spurt of eroticism. One of the writers who worked on the film was Django director, Sergio Corbucci. John Saxon does some fine acting as the leading man. Mario Bava and John Saxon did not get along due to many misunderstandings during filming. The director it seems didn't think too highly of actors or actresses. Dante Dipaolo plays the newspaper reporter with sympathy. The use of the tape recorder by the murderer is cleaver. Valentina Cortese gets the top acting honors as the mysterious Laura Terrani. The discovery of the murderer is one of the film's main highlights. Impressed Dario Argento when he did The Bird with the Crystal Plumage(1969) and thus being responsible for the longevity and success of the Giallo in Italy.

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