The Executioner, Part II

Action / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blackxmas 5 / 10 / 10

Laff riot-you never had it so good

You really owe it to yourself to watch this garbage. Hilarious, inept and so unprofessional, you'll wonder how they even got the film loaded into the camera. Hoping you'll get this confused with the classic EXTERMINATOR, EXECUTIONER part 2, lifts the exact plot, then somebody filmed a bunch of images,edited them together, repeated them over and over, and then released this onto a gullible public. Aldo Ray looks confused most of the time and Chris Mitchum looks like he's going to cry. His teenage daughter and her drugged out friend have the movie's best looped in lines: "Oh heavenly coke!". Vital moviewatching. Demand your local store stock it.

Reviewed by udar55 1 / 10 / 10

More James Bryan madness!

Probably made for less than Seagal's hairpiece, this is one wild flick. A masked vigilante dubbed The Executioner by the press is running around Los Angeles. Det. Roger O'Malle (Chris Mitchum) is on the case and begins to suspect his best friend and fellow Vietnam vet Mike (Antoine John Mottet) is the killer. A subplot involves a gangster nicknamed The Tattooed Man, who has lured O'Malle's drug addicted daughter into the world of prostitution. Naturally, all of these plot lines meet in a big jumbled mess. Now this is more like it! Bryan's LADY STREET FIGHTER nearly killed me with tedium. This blows it out of the water in terms of entertainment, thanks mostly to some dubbing that appears to have been done by the same people who helped Bryan on DON'T GO IN THE WOODS. If you've seen that film, you know how funny this can be. Thankfully, LADY star Renee Harmon continues to dub her own voice with her zick acczent. Aldo Ray pops up in a few scenes and it is obvious he was shot alone (you never see him on screen with anyone else, only in close ups). The film is technically a sequel to something that never existed, unless they were trying to cash in on Duke Mitchell's mob flick (unlikely) of the early 70s George Peppard flick by the same name (highly unlikely). On a side note, this film may mark the turning point in Mitchum's career where he went from semi-coherent b-movies to all out madness. In the next few years, he would make insane movies like American COMMANDOS (1985), FINAL SCORE (1986), SFX RETALIATOR (1987) and FACELESS (1988).

Reviewed by latherzap 1 / 10 / 10

Not the best, but well worth tracking down.

It seems to me that the majority of "bad movies" are pretty boring. Too often we bust a gut laughing when a critic shreds a lousy flick, but we then find that actually watching the movie is a grim experience with few laughs. Fortunately, Executioner 2 is a clunker that delivers. In the early 80s James Bryan wowed the bad film community with Don't Go In the Woods. I found another movie of his, Hellriders, terribly dull. But with Executioner 2 he's back on track. It's your basic vigilante movie, with bad guys running scared and cops embarrassed at the public's support for the vigilante. As was the case in Woods, the dialogue was dubbed (even though the characters were speaking English to begin with). Some not so good acting, a pair of stoner high school girls who are constantly laughing ("oh, heavenly coke!"), and Aldo Ray (of the movie "Bog") make Executioner part 2 a must-see. Sure, some parts are boring, but overall it's worth it. Watch this movie, it will justify your having searched through dozens of other lousy films in your quest for B-Movie Nirvana.

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