The Eye 2


Drama / Horror / Mystery

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Eugenia Yuan as Sam's Wife
Qi Shu as Joey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10 / 10

Quite disappointing follow-up to "The Eye".

"The Eye" was easily one of the creepiest Asian horror flicks I have ever seen,so I decided to check out its sequel.Qi Shu plays a young woman Joey Cheng who is in a fragile emotional state following her third relationship break-up.She tries to commit suicide,unfortunately her overdose seemingly triggers a series of visions of creepy spirits,a phenomenon that intensifies in Hong Kong when Joey discovers that she is pregnant."The Eye 2" lacks the suspense and chills of the original.Still there are some memorable set-pieces including a drowned corpse traversing a woman giving birth in the elevator.The acting is great with Qi Shu giving an excellent performance as a troubled woman,but "The Eye 2" is almost completely devoid of tension.However if you are a fan of Asian horror give it a look.7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Gafke 5 / 10 / 10

More thoughtful than scary

While not as intense and emotionally involving as the original Jian Gui, this sequel still provides some interesting ideas about life after death...and life before birth. Mentally fragile Joey, suffering from a recent break up with her boyfriend, makes yet another suicide attempt. As consciousness fades away, she glimpses shadowy figures gathered around her bedside. Once her stomach is pumped and she makes a full recovery, Joey realizes she is pregnant. As the pregnancy progresses, Joey begins seeing ghosts. They're in taxi cabs, falling off of rooftops and hanging around elevators. They seem particularly interested in the pregnant women that now surround Joey in her everyday activities. One in particular, the ghost of a sorrowful young woman, seems determined to keep Joey from harm, preventing further suicide attempts and even viciously attacking a would-be rapist. Joey realizes that the ghost was once the wife of the man Joey was having an affair with, and who is now the father of her unborn baby. But is it revenge the ghost wants, or something else entirely? This film lacks some of the scares that the first one provided quite well and moves along rather slowly, but it is by no means a bad movie at all. Its ideas about the dead and the unborn are quite intriguing and the film, much like the first one, proves to be an uplifting experience. The performances are all excellent and the story quite intelligent. A scary scene in a taxi cab with a Ringu- ish ghost is especially tense and worth the wait. I much prefer the original Jian Gui, but this one is a worthy effort. Fans of the genre shouldn't miss it.

Reviewed by Bigbert 5 / 10 / 10

Not a must-see movie

Although it explores some of the same themes (someone seeing ghosts and being 'stalked' by a specific one) it is anything but a sequel to The Eye. A woman has a near death experience and starts seeing ghosts. She seems to see one more than the others and as she discovers this one has a connection with her without her even knowing. The scares in this movie are not really there. There are no 'jump up' moments anywhere and it all becomes quite dull when our main character just keeps on screaming for every little thing she sees. Not really a must-see movie, although the concept of reincarnation as explored in this movie is an interesting one.

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