The Final Cut

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Anne Ramsay as Reeba Hollings
John Hannah as Warren
Sam Elliott as Ben the Cow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 5 / 10 / 10

The Best Id Say Is That It Wasn't Horrible

This is a pretty standard suspense/action kind of movie. There's a mad bomber on the loose in Seattle and the bomb squad calls in its retired former head John Pierce (played by Sam Elliott) to help out. But the bombs are so well made that eventually suspicion turns on to Pierce himself as the bomber. Is he or isn't he? And if he isn't, who is? In most respects this is unmemorable, and it makes extensive use of the cliche "countdowns" as the timers on various bombs are clicking down to zero. The performances were so-so at best. The ultimate revelation of who the bomber was doesn't come as any surprise at all. Basically what you have here is a time waster - that comes replete with a bizarre and completely unnecessary scene where Pierce is enjoying intimacy (shall we say) with a TV newswoman who has allowed herself to be handcuffed as part of the fun. I still don't understand why that was written into the script. It wasn't especially "sexy" and it really had nothing whatsoever to do with the story. I did find the last bomb to be unsettling. The movie isn't horrible. To be honest, I'm not sure there's much more to be said about it. (5/10)

Reviewed by rps-2 10 / 10 / 10

Maybe that's Seattle BC...

Nifty little nail biter in which much of the cast gets blown to bits before the film ends. Doesn't really matter because there isn't one household name there. If you like high tech bombs with winking, blinking countdown devices, this is your film. (Nobody ever explained why the bad guys always wire up 5.95 Walmart digital clocks to their high tech explosives in these things.) However I take strong exception to two aspects. One is the lingering and needlessly explicit humping scene. This is a movie about bombs, people; not sex and handcuffs. If you like kinky sex, you probably don't want to watch things blowing up and if you do like seeing things blown up, you probably consider the bondage and the bonking a distraction. The other is the setting. The film was shot in Vancouver but set in Seattle. If they made the damned thing in Vancouver, why couldn't they have set the action there? When will Canadians demand that our cities stop serving as surrogates for American ones? I think we should demand that the CBC go to New York and use it for a movie about Toronto! Turnabout is fair play and all that...

Reviewed by chakotay-70770 10 / 10 / 10

Targeting the Cutters

Who's seeking to eliminate the cutters of the Bomb Squad in Seattle? This is the mystery that baffles everybody and is at the heart of the story. And as You observe the Bomb Squad seeking to unravel this mystery, You will feel the tension building up and you lose track of time as you are sucked into the search for clues and culprits. A gripping, nerve-wracking movie that keeps you on edge throughout. A sparkling gem worth looking at...if you get the chance!

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