The Flying Scotsman


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February 27, 2021


Billy Boyd as Malky
Brian Cox as Father Reilly
Jonny Lee Miller as Jeffrey Byron
Steven Berkoff as Medical Student
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c_murphy86 7 / 10 / 10

A very good sports biopic

What I found most enjoyable about this film is the way it straddles the sport-biopic genres. It maintains the acute acting and psychological fullness of a biopic, aided by a fantastic performance by Miller, while being in keeping with the Hollywood highs and lows aspects of great sports movies. Those not interested in sport should not be put off by thinking this will be a typically superficial or one dimensional sports film. But those sporty types will also find plenty to satisfy them. As a big cycling fan I was already well aware of the Obree story and I can assure people that is every bit as incredible if not more so than is shown in the film. Naturally the constraints of a film mean that the Obree story is cut short and we don't see how the Superman position was banned or Obree's subsequent depressions especially after his brother died (indeed his brother is completely missing from the film). But by choosing to limit the time scale it describes it allows time for greater detail particularly in investigated his relationship with the priest and Obree's wife. Equally the film doesn't embellish the truth a great deal in order to increase the drama. Indeed the world record attempts are incredibly understated, as they should be. Obree was never well known in Britain despite being very popular on the continent. As a result the film isn't filled with cheering crowds but rather focuses the isolation he experienced within Scotland in spite of his amazing achievements.

Reviewed by john-4140 9 / 10 / 10

Much more than a cycling story

An inspiring movie I had the pleasure of seeing at the Edinburgh film festival. I was briefly in the same cycling club as Obree. I followed his career and read his autobiography. I still cycle today and boy was I pleasantly surprised at the twists, turns and intrigue which come out in the movie; it gave me new perspectives on a complex and colourful life. What Obree did was monumental and this film does him justice, shedding light on his inner struggles and showcasing what an innovative, committed and strong world beater the man is. Don't pigeon hole this as some kind of sports extravaganza - it is a highly entertaining look at the life of an entertaining and brilliant man.

Reviewed by petralyn 9 / 10 / 10

THE movie for cyclists

First, this movie is much better than "Chariots of Fire," albeit without the famous soundtrack. Second, this movie speaks to anyone who has spent hours on a stationary bike, pedaled through verdant countryside, or has challenged themselves to 100 mile day. Third, this movie will resonant with those who've been forced to deal with depression and survived. I think the cinematography was terrific, except for some of the closeups of Obree on the oval. However, the shots of his front wheel and the tunnel vision which develop during a maximum effort are splendid. While pushing personal limits of time and distance, there's no way a cyclist won't think about Obree's extreme effort and success.

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