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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dale-51649 2 / 10 / 10

Expert art forger has bad hair day; spends quality time with son

An early prison scene in the film is shocking. Not because of egregious violence or a shower rape scene, but rather because of the" wig-do" Travolta is sporting. The hair, coupled with some weird make up or plastic surgery that have inflicted the actors cheeks, result in making the audience wonder if the film is going to be a comedy. Basically , Travolta is in jail and wants out to spend time with his dying son. He makes a deal with an evil mob guy, and gets his get out of jail card (with strings attached) The film has the requisite early scene where a bad guy disrespects a woman or a child, and he is promptly punished. A mobster shows up at a diner where Travolta has taken junior, interfering with Dad/Son time, and Travolta promptly beats him to a pulp. A device worthy of the Lifetime channel. The only thing missing was an amazon female cop showing up a kicking the bad guys in the testicles. Travolta agrees to emulate the "make a wish foundation" by granting his son multiple wishes, including helping him(Travolta) do a Forgery. A couple of cops are tailing Travolta to try to get to the mob guys, and they are inserted into the story very unconvincingly. The whole thing unfolds in a very unlikely fashion, and about halfway through it looses so much credibility that it becomes impossible to care about any of the characters. I could see this catching on as a cult film comedy, except it is way too boring. Even the Oxygen network crowd would be lost because of the unredeemed drug addict mother. They all go off to Tahiti at the end to live happily ever after, except the kid who, has terminal cancer. It's like a preachy Hollywood message movie without a message or a happy ending. Misses the mark on all counts.

Reviewed by Paige Turner 10 / 10 / 10

No Faking Here

Without exaggerating, this could quite possibly be the best movie I have ever seen. Joshua, a 16 year old boy abandoned by his mother and left homeless, must struggle to survive. His talent for art is his saving grace. Without going overboard into "wholesome" territory, The Forger tackles some heavy themes such as integrity and how to treat women. This is one of those films that can be enjoyed by adults, yet could also be shown to a youth group. It's that good. And yes, Josh Hutcherson is amazing. He shows off his acting chops in his portrayal of a confused teenage boy. Oh, and one funny thing...I watched this whole movie without realizing Lauren Bacall was in it (head smack)! I should have known by her voice. Definitely put The Forger as #1 in your Netflix queue.

Reviewed by parisholmes4 10 / 10 / 10

This film has given me a new insight on the authenticity of works in general.

What a awesome story. This film has a uniqueness of it's own. I've never seen a film that evolves around a young motherless child who's gifted at painting art. Movies like this are good. Keep you looking at individual characters to see who's worth routing for. The lighting was perfect, the editing was perfect of course but I think the casting was very good. Each person played the role very very well. Before watching this film, I never knew people forged paintings. I always just assumed people stole them and tried to sell them. This film has given me a new insight on the authenticity of works in general. You have to really look deep into things to be sure of it's authenticity.

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