The Front Line


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by henriquez-kenneth 10 / 10 / 10


I can't even come up with how to define this movie, and I've watched a lot of war films, but I think this one just has to be the best I've seen that is as serious as it comes to the consequences of war. Besides just the horrific scenes as in any war movie, it has touched and got through to the emotions multiple times in what seems like a never ending battle. The acting is beyond incredible, especially the brothers, and doesn't show that their enemies are the most evil in the planet but that war itself and who leads them are what makes this conflict. They gone as far as showing scenes that you never or rarely expect to see, and it's remarkable because you'll remember this film for it. A great movie.

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 8 / 10 / 10

One of, if not the best war movie I have ever seen. Emotionally powerful & great battle scenes. A must see for sure. I say A.

"He said our enemy wasn't commies, but the war itself." Toward the end of Korean War Lieutenant Kang Eun-Pyo is sent to investigate a murder on the front lines. He reaches the area called Aerok Hill where the fighting is most intense. Soon after the truth is reveled a cease fire is signed and the two sides rejoice. But the war is far from over. This war movie interested me more then most of the recent ones. The main reason is that my grandfather served in the Korean War and there hasn't been a lot of movies made about that war. I was interested to see the stuff he refused to tell me about. After watching this I can see why. The movie is a Korean movie so the entire movie deals with a platoon of South Korean soldiers and their struggles. I have said before that for better or worse every war movie since it's release is compared to "Saving Private Ryan", and I never thought a movie could top that one. This is as close as I've seen and in some ways may be better. This is far and away better then "Letters From Iwo Jima" but like both of those movies you are so involved with the characters it is no longer a movie of nameless faces dying but people you feel a connection with. This movie makes you feel all kinds of emotions but the last half hour will make you feel things you never knew you could. Another example of how much power a movie has when it's done right. I highly recommend this movie. Overall, one of, if not the best war movie I have ever seen. I give it an A.

Reviewed by paulclaassen 8 / 10 / 10

Brilliant and emotional.

Based on the Korean War of 1953, Aerok Hill is the border between North and South Korea, and both countries did everything they could to defend the hill. During the war, the hill was claimed numerous times by both countries. Each time, the soldiers would bury something in a bunker for the other soldiers to find: beer, wine, photos, letters, etc. This created the feeling that these soldiers might even have been friends if it wasn't for war and the high ranking officials sitting behind their desks declaring war and urging soldiers to fight to the end. The film starts a bit slow, but this gives us a very good chance to get to know the characters and their backgrounds. It was interesting, effective and never boring. The entire cast is very good. The suspense is elevated when a few men hunt a sniper they call 'Two Seconds'. The film also illustrates how one simple wrong decision can change the fate of so many soldiers. War certainly takes its toll on man's sanity, and is very well depicted in this film. Even after an armistice was signed, the soldiers were still urged to fight another 12 hours before it took effect. The dismay and reluctance to fight was so evident in the soldiers during the final hours. The film is a very emotional journey and excellent character study of soldiers. The final act was heart wrenching! This is an amazingly well done film.

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