The Garbage Pail Kids Movie


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Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh / Tigger
Lynn Cartwright as Venusian Girl
Mackenzie Astin as Henry Villard
Phil Fondacaro as Ray Vernon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by H_Spengler 1 / 10 / 10

Even worse than I remembered!!!

I decided for nostalgic value to rent it seeing I hadn't seen it on over 15 years. I remember liking this movie when I was a kid, but hardly could remember anything about it, I realize now that it wasn't the passage of time, it was probably my brain trying to block it out. There's not anything redeeming about this movie, AT ALL. no good times, no heartfelt jokes, not even sappy "awwww" moments. Don't get me wrong, I collected the cards and stickers when I was little, so I knew what the Garbagepail kids were all about, the flat, 1 dimensional quality of the cards spoke better than this live action film did. I know people will say this movie is made to be enjoyed for kids, but if I had kids, I wouldn't let them near this piece of s**t. The entire movie is shot is such a dark tone, that half the time you're squinting to see ANYTHING. Freakish/mutant kids are hidden away in a garbage pail, there's a great lesson right there, hide away those who are different. Loser boy works in a magic shop for an old man (who by the way the old man is the only enjoyable character in this whole film!!) Anyhow, freak kids escape can, refuse to go back in, we're "treated" to 90 minutes of burping, farting, pants wetting, whining, toe biting, vomiting, pimple busting, snot, etc., need I go on about this? You get the point. Tangerine, the female in this film is a teenage "fashion designer" who uses the loser kid once she finds out the abilities of the "sweat shop" kids. Usually the predictable result of such films involve the snotty character realizing her own wrongs and trying to make them right, not here! There's also some silly side plots about the kids going to bars, getting in with the toughs, all of whom look like they just got done filming the Michael Jackson "Bad" video, the "romantic interest" between the loser and the stuck up fashion designer. Also I recollect there was some other ridiculousness about a "Home for the Ugly." My IQ fell about 10 points after watching this disaster, oh yeah, PLENTY of 80's feel good music and fashion that will leave you wanting no more. A terrible waste of potential talent and film, if you're yearning for 80's Nostalgia, rent any of the John Hughes films instead. 0/10

Reviewed by ksmacy-2 1 / 10 / 10

Tangerine, Juice, and Fashion!

What do those things have to do with the Garbage Pail Kids? Heck if I know, but they are the basis for the whole plot. This is one of those movies that will never go away, because you pick it up thinking it is going to be funnier, grosser, and just better than it is, but I'm here to tell you its awful. You won't trust me. It is too allurring to not watch it for yourself, but you'll regret it. Mackenzie Astin cries frequently, is a foot shorter than his love interest, wins over a girl named Tangerine by designing Michael Jackson jackets, and distracts a bully by twirling a basketball on his finger, which should all have me rolling on the floor laughing hysterically, but instead I just stare aghast at the TV wondering if it would be better if the whites of the Kids' eyes maybe be white instead of dingy yellow. The GPK are so awkward, innocent, and happy, as they sing songs about team work, that you feel guilty laughing at them. Isn't there supposed to be violence, and maybe lewdness beyond the average PG potty humor? The character Valerie Vomit doesn't even vomit until the very end of the movie, but Windy and Nat sure do fart and pee a lot. Anyone have any ideas about why they came from a garbage-pail-rocket in space, yet they now reside in a magician's antique shop? Me neither.

Reviewed by Jeremy Barker 1 / 10 / 10

Worst movie I have ever seen. Period.

I'm an aspiring filmmaker, and as one, it's your job to review bad movies. I have seen a bunch of those. Thanks to Nostalgia Critic and Mystery Science Theater 3000, I have sat through a bunch of bad movies. They include Manos: The Hands of Fate, Alone in the Dark, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and Battlefield Earth. But, nothing can compare to Garbage Pail Kids. The movie itself looks like a Sesame Street episode if all the crew members were high. The setting is dark. I do like dark settings, but that kind of setting isn't good enough. It's what came afterward is what set me off. The fact that this movie is based on the Garbage Pail Kids trading card decks makes all the more hateful. The character motives from the bullies, since they do appear in most movies sadly, are stupid, the timelines don't add up, the acting is mediocre, and the puppets look like they came from Jim Henson Productions, and put into the microwave when they arrived. The only positive, sadly, is the performance of Anthony Newley's Captain Manzini. Being a fatherly figure to Dodger, played embarrassingly by Sean Astin's brother, MacKenzie, he is very protective of him, and he even makes him seem eccentric. Still, that doesn't help the fact that he starred in the worst movie ever made. Are there any more positives? No. Just no.

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