The Gentleman from Epsom


Comedy / Crime

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Louis de Funès as Michel Leboeuf, de la brigade des moeurs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomquick 8 / 10 / 10

slumming in 1962 Paris

I watch this from time to time; each time it's a little more entertaining. It's not as good as some of the other later Jean Gabin films - Touche Pas au Grisbi, or Traversee de Paris - but it's a lot more relaxed. Jean Gabin is a sad piece of gambling wreckage, living from horserace to horserace by bullying his clientele to take shoddy tips. His pride and bluster are still intact, though, and what baldfaced lies he gets away with! The snapshot views of 1962 Paris are nice too - the Bois de Boulogne walkers, French horseracing, even a woman learning to cook pheasant from a TV show (and I thought that "la bonne cuisine" was a French genetic trait.....).

Reviewed by propos-86965 / 10

Put your money on the fat guy.

I'd like to say this film was to horse racing what Bob, le Flaneur was to gambling but that would be too much hyperbole even for me. Yet I found this quite charming and enjoyable in its Frenchness. Funny in a sly way. Playing people and staying alive. Everybody is looking for their ship to come in even if it has already come in. Great supporting cast especially what is not much more than a cameo by the great Louis de Funès. Louis at his most animated is a throwback to the great silent film stars. He uses his voice more by making sounds than by dialogue. Actually the exasperations of the rest of the cast is used in that manner to great effect. Hats off to Jean Lefebvre as the hapless definition of a sidekick. And also, Madeleine Robinson, a former lover who returns for one last night of fun after marrying for convenience purposes. That's right our star Jean Gabin is fun and having fun in this somewhat out of character character. As his two shills state toward the end of the film, he's a real gentleman, old style. Ah, those were the days.

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