The Giants


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pc95 6 / 10 / 10

Sometimes Listless but Authentic and Photogenic

I see there's quite a few comparisons here with "Stand By Me", and the 2 movies are comparable, but only to the extent that the main characters are young teenage boys. From there, the movies diverge quite a bit. This French movie is darker and enveloped by contemporary issues - especially neglect and drugs. "Les Geants" is beautifully photographed - its settings are pristine and its young stars are full of life and vitality. As is the case with many movies, pacing sometimes slows, and we're caught occasionally waiting for something to move the plot along. The ending is open-ended, and though not as good as Stand-by-Me, it is a worthy effort. 6.5/10

Reviewed by jromanbaker 7 / 10 / 10

More akin to Charles Laughton

As I began to watch this wonderful film, I thought more of ' The Night of the Hunter, ' the only film directed by the justly famous actor Charles Laughton. In his film two children are escaping down the river which is a mythical symbol in itself. We are all going down the river of life, but when young it is an adventure and a search for freedom. Freedom from the injustices and terrors of the adult world, and in ' The Giants ' there is a lot to escape from. We begin with two lost children in a house where their grandfather has died, and their elusive mother for some unknown reason does not come to rescue them. They meet a neighbouring child who is in a brutal family situation and the three of them take on the giant task of leaving their worlds behind them. And we for a short while experience their adventures, their failures and their attempts at being adults themselves. I say children but they are in their early teenage years, and to show off to each other they play adult games, and very playfully talk of sexuality in the crudest way possible, and generally ( and innocently ) misbehave. They are boys who imitate the ways of men, and it is a moving experience to watch them. I loved this film immediately. I loved its poetry, and its sheer beauty of direction, plus the brilliant performances of our three ' giant ' heroes, and their fight against those who oppress them. I rate it as being one of the finest films so far of this troubled 21st Century.

Reviewed by gregking4 7 / 10 / 10

an enjoyable but dark and moody coming of age tale reminiscent of Huckleberry Finn and Stand By Me

The Giants is an enjoyable but dark and moody coming of age tale from Belgian actor turned director Bouli Lanners (Nothing To Declare, etc). Cowritten by Lanners and Elise Ancion, the film is reminiscent of Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn and the classic Stand By Me, and it captures that awkwardness of burgeoning adolescence. Teenage brothers - 16 year old Seth (Martin Nissen) and 13 year old Zak (Zacharie Chasseriaud) are left by their absent mother to fend for themselves over the summer. Zac continually hopes that their mother will return, which adds a poignant note to their journey throughout the film. They spend time in their late grandfather's house near the lake, and their misadventures run the gamut from the comic to the more frightening. When they begin to run out of money they try to find ways to earn some extra cash. But when they hook up with Dany (Paul Bartel) they find themselves caught up in some adventures that are both scary and comical. They rent out their grandfather's house to the untrustworthy, cocaine snorting, marijuana growing Boeuf (Didier Toupy) and his minion Angel (who just happens to be Dany's older brother). The adults here add a sense of menace to proceedings although they are largely underused and clichéd characters. The three boys also find a sympathetic woman (played by Marthe Keller) who temporarily provides them with shelter and a safe haven. And there are some evocative shots of the tranquil Belgian landscape from cinematographer Jean-Paul de Zaetijd (returning to work with Lanners after 2008's festival-hit, Eldorado) that enrich the film. This is the third feature film from Lanners, following El Dorado and Ultranova, and he maintains a leisurely pace throughout as he evokes the freedoms and simple pleasures of childhood. But the film also has a darker edge as it explores some hard-hitting modern realities, such as poverty, drugs, abandonment and homelessness. The performances from the three boys are wonderfully natural and unforced and they develop a wonderful chemistry. Of the three young stars though it is Chasseriaud who stands out as Zac. He provides a natural, winning performance and is utterly compelling to watch. Karim Leklou in particular brings energy and menace to his role as the psychotically violent Angel, Dany's unhinged older brother.The melancholy score from Belgian folk musician The Bony King Of Nowhere is also evocative and adds to the mood of the film.

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